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Description:Z80 Macro Cross Assembler
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Z80 Macro Cross Assembler
Author: george@48k.ca (George Phillips) et al.
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: dev/cross
Version: 9feb2022
Architecture: ppc-morphos; other
URL: http://48k.ca/zmac.html

zmac version 9feb2022 http://48k.ca/zmac.html
--version show version number
--help show this help message
-8 use 8080 timings and interpretation of mnemonics
-b no binary (.hex,.cmd,.cas, etc.) output
-c no cycle counts in listing
-e error list only
-f print if skipped lines
-g do not list extra code
-h show this information about options and quit
-i do not list include files
-I dir add 'dir' to include file search path
-j promote relative jumps to absolute as needed
-J warn when a jump could be relative
-l list to standard output
-L force listing of everything
-m print macro expansions
-n put line numbers off
-o file.hex output only named file (multiple -o allowed)
-p put out four n's for eject
-P format listing for a printer
-s don't produce a symbol list
-t output error count instead of list of errors
-z use Z-80 timings and interpretation of mnemonics
-Pk=num set @@k to num before assembly (e.g., -P4=10)
-Dsym set symbol sym to 1 before assembly (e.g., define it)
--od dir directory unnamed output files (default "zout")
--oo hex,cmd output only listed file suffix types
--xo lst,cas do not output listed file suffix types
--nmnv do not interpret mnemonics as values in expressions
--z180 use Z-180 timings and extended instructions
--dep list files included
--mras limited MRAS/EDAS compatibility
--rel output .rel file only (--rel7 for 7 character symbol names)
--zmac compatibility with original zmac
--fcal identifier in first column is always a label
--doc output documentation as HTML file

Upload Date:Apr 29 2022
Size:283 KB
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