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Description:A program made with Hollywood™ to read PDF files, this program is easy to handle, is portable and freeware and open PDF.
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin
Title: GrimoriumPDF
Version: 2.30 (10.05.2022)
Kind: Miscelaneus
Requeriments: Hollywood plugins: polybios.hwp and charsets.library
Description: Grimorium PDF is a little and fast program to view PDF documents as
invoices, receipts, blueprints, etc. created in this format and with
the help of powerful zoom cans read the small letter even export the
pages to graphic format like jpg, lbm, bmp, png, gif.

The viewer is available in the next languages:
1.Spanish. 2.English. 3.French. 4.Italian. 5. German. 6. Polish.

Features from this new version:
1. Compiled with Hollywood™ 9.1.
2. Compiled to use the last Polybios™ plugin 1.3.

Upload Date:May 12 2022
Size:3 MB
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