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Description:Generator of printable calendars
Developer/Porter:Domenico Lattanzi
Short: Generator of printable calendars
Author: Domenico Lattanzi
Uploader: domenico.lattanzi@gmail.com
Type: biz/misc
Version: 2.2
Replaces: biz/misc/Crono_MorphOS.lha
Requires: RapaGUI plugin
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Distribution: NoCD

This program is a generator of printable calendars. Features:

- Create calendars in an A4 page, choosing the number of months in each page,
formatted as grids or lists
- Customizable by adding a photo, choosing a font and color of paper, pen
and Sunday days
- 26 languages supported
- Choice between Sunday or Monday as first day of the week
- Marking particular days as holidays
- Output to PDF format

Upload Date:May 24 2022
Size:3 MB
Last Comments
03 Jun 2022

It's a compiled stand-alone executable, you don't need Hollywood Player for it.
03 Jun 2022
Would it be possible in a future version to allow 2 images on a 2 months to a page - vertical calendar to have 2 separate images or 3 or 4 or 6 if it's a 3 or 4 or 6 page calendar (respectively) ... AND ... to be able to crop/resize/bounding box for the image(s) selected to be placed in or edited within the space of the area set aside for it, as often the image, if it's more than a 1 month calendar that is chosen then the image is significantly cropped by the program, so you cannot see some of the more interesting/intended features of the image, so it ruins the effect you are trying to achieve.
Mirko cipolla
28 May 2022
holluwood player 9.1 don't work
9.0 OK !