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Description:MouseSpotter helps you finding your mouse pointer
Developer/Porter:Matthias Böcker
Short: MouseSpotter helps you finding your mouse pointer
Author: Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Uploader: Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Type: util/wb
Version: V1.0
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 2.0.0
Website: http://amigazeux.net

MouseSpotter is a small Commodity to help you find the mousepointer by just
pressing a hotkey in case you have lost track of it by drawing a shrinking
and expanding circle around the mouse pointer.

I mainly wrote this program because I regularly lose track of the cross hair
pointer in TVPaint since it's just too small and does not have enough
contrast against the checkered background to spot it on higher resolutions
without lots of guessing, moving the mouse wildly to no avail and generally
squinting hard at the screen.

In case you also often face the complete loss of knowledge of your mouse
pointers location, this Commodity certainly is for you :-)

MouseSpotter offers a couple of options to customize it to your likings like
setable colour, duration, different interpolators for the animation and more.

Have fun,

Upload Date:Jun 07 2022
Size:80 KB
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