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A Tale of Vengeance is a real masterpiece! It can be called one of the most beautiful
and dynamic games on OpenBor game engine. You will be offered bright drawn detailed
graphics and nice sound effects!

At the beginning of the game you can choose one of 6 main characters. In the second
part of the game your defeated opponents will join you and in this way you will have
the access to three more characters: Rock, Mai and Maki. There are 9 main characters
in this game in total! Each of the characters has his own fighting skills with a rich
arsenal of fighting methods! Some of the main characters and bosses were taken from
the game Street Fighter.

The game offers 10 stages and 94 levels! As soon as you complete the main game, another
mode will be unblocked: fighting against 10 main bosses.

Upload Date:Aug 10 2022
Size:141 MB
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