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What do you want in a Streets of Rage title? Tight game play? Stiff challenge?
All the original playable characters? Streets of Rage 2X takes all of this and
adds much more to build a game that's all its own, yet still has the familiar
Streets of Rage feel.

Best be ready though, bring anything less than your A game and this offering will
spit you out like Bongo's last meal.

-Four player support.
-Block, evade, juggle, and many other new techniques, all blended perfectly
into the original move set.
-Unleash the awesome Rage technique to flatten your enemies - but watch out,
bosses have their own to use on you!
-Speed running the old games? Improved AI is here to teach you a little humility.
-Ready for an even tougher challenge? Unlock Rebellion Mode and try to fight your
way through as any member of the Streets of Rage cast. Finish a game with Galsia to
prove you're the true SOR master!
-No one to play with? Grab an AI partner to keep you company.

Upload Date:Aug 17 2022
Size:282 MB
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