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Description:Create and edit XLSX documents
Developer/Porter:Andreas Falkenhahn
Short: Create and edit XLSX documents
Author: Andreas Falkenhahn
Uploader: andreas airsoftsoftwair de (Andreas Falkenhahn)
Type: dev/hwood
Version: 1.0
Architecture: ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos

The XLSX plugin allows you to conveniently read and write XLSX documents from
Hollywood scripts. It offers a wide variety of functions to set and get cell
values, cell types, cell formulas, document/worksheet properties and several
other attributes. It also offers an iterator function for a high performance
iteration of a large number of cells.

On top of that, the XLSX plugin also supports Hollywood's serialization
interface which means that you can conveniently serialize Hollywood tables to
XLSX documents by just a single call to Hollywood's SerializeTable() function.
In the same manner you can also deserialize whole XLSX documents into Hollywood
tables by a single call to Hollywood's DeserializeTable() function. It just
doesn't get any easier!

Builds of this plugin for other platforms (Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux...)
are available from the official Hollywood portal which you can find at the URL

Upload Date:Nov 05 2022
Size:1 MB
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