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Description:MUI based Shanghai type solitaire game
Developer/Porter:G.Whaite, P.Gruchala
Short: V1.2 MUI based Shanghai type solitaire game
Author: gwhaite@accsoft.com.au (Geoffrey Whaite), sensei@box43.gnet.pl (Przemyslaw Gruchala)
Uploader: sensei@box43.gnet.pl (Przemyslaw Gruchala)
Type: game/think
Version: 1.2 (27.08.01)
Requires: MUI v3.8+, 68020+, KickStart V39+
Keywords: mahjonggtiles mahjongg tiles redgroup whaite gruchala sensei polska poland

Mahjongg Tiles is a solitaire game like Shanghai, China Challange and
many others where the object of the game is to remove all the mahjongg
tiles from a layout by removing free tiles in matching pairs.

This software is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied. Under no circumstances will the authors be liable
for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages either to
hardware or software or data loss resulting from the use of Mahjongg
Tiles. The entire risk as to the results of Mahjongg Tiles is assumed
by the user.


- Multiple tilesets and layouts, both tilesets and layouts may have up
to 256 tiles.

- Powerful, easy to use layout editor for creating and modifying

- Many included tilesets and layouts.

- Highly configurable with options for the game's visual appearance and
game play.

- Undo/redo with a handy popup history/undo list.

- Each layout has best times for each of four diffuculty levels.

- It's FreeWare and is the most effective treatment for baldness I've
ever tried.

v1.2 (27.08.01):

- Third public version.

- Fixed tile set loading bug, which might appears after using MT on
PSI automatically closed custom screen with MuGuardianAngel or

v1.1 (22.08.01):

- Second public version. Development taken by Przemyslaw Gruchala.

- Fixed tiles rendering bug (invalid minterm for

- Better guide and readme file.

v1.0 (01.08.00):

- First public version.

Main author:

Geoffrey Whaite <gwhaite@accsoft.com.au>

Current maintainer:

Przemyslaw 'SENSEI' Gruchala <sensei@box43.gnet.pl>

Upload Date:Dec 19 2022
Size:454 KB
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