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Description:Tools for analysing PDP-10 ITS files
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Tools for analysing PDP-10 ITS files
Author: lars@nocrew.org (Lars Brinkhoff)
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: dev/cross
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: https://github.com/larsbrinkhoff/pdp10-its-disassembler/wiki

klfedr magdmp macro-tapes magfrm tape-dir od10 unscr dskdmp palx cross
scrmbl kldcp linum acct itsarc itsarc ipak macdmp tito dumper dart dump
constantinople dis10 tendmp tvpic

- Disassembler for ITS executables.
- Extract files from an ITS archive file.
- Extract files from Alan Snyder's IPAK archives.
- View contents, and make MAGDMP tape images.
- View disk image contents.
- Extract files from a DECtape image in MACDMP format.
- Create a MACDMP image.
- Print the contents of SYSENG; MACRO TAPES and .TAPEn; TAPE nnn files.
- Convert PALX binary to PDP-11 paper tape image.
- Convert CROSS binary to Atari DOS binary.
- Convert files to a RP04 bootable KLDCP disk image.
- Scramble or unscramble an encrypted file.
- Make a picture file suitable for displaying on a Knight TV.
- Write out a core image in some of the supported executable formats.
- Analyze a CONSTANTS area.

OK: ts.obs.dasm
OK: ts.ksfedr.dasm
OK: ts.name.dasm
OK: ts.srccom.dasm
OK: atsign.tcp.dasm
OK: macro.low.dasm
OK: pt.rim.dasm
OK: visib1.bin.dasm
OK: visib2.bin.dasm
OK: visib3.bin.dasm
OK: @.midas.dasm
OK: srccom.exe.dasm
OK: dart.dmp.dasm
OK: @.its.dasm
OK: its.bin.dasm
OK: its.rp06.dasm
OK: system.dmp.dasm
OK: dired.dmp.dasm
OK: two.tapes.dasm
OK: boot.exb.dasm
OK: cerber.sav.dasm
OK: eftp.sav.dasm
OK: arc.code.list
OK: stink.-ipak-.ipak
OK: dart.tape.dart
OK: thirty.scrmbl
OK: sixbit.scrmbl
OK: pdpten.scrmbl
OK: aaaaaa.scrmbl
OK: 0s.scrmbl
OK: chars.pub.oct.sail
OK: chars.pub.sail.ascii
OK: pt.rim.dump
OK: system.dmp.dump
OK: ts.srccom.dump
OK: l.bin.dump
OK: logo.ptp.dump
OK: supdup.bin.dump
OK: linum-1.txt-a
OK: linum-1.txt-df
OK: linum-2.txt-af
OK: linum-2.txt-df
OK: linum-3.txt-d

Upload Date:Jan 01 2023
Size:7 MB
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