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Description:BASIC Text to ZX Spectrum/ZX81 .TAP/.P
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: BASIC Text to ZX Spectrum/ZX81 .TAP/.P
Author: Russell Marks et al.
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: util/conv
Version: 1.8.0
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Quick port/recompile of zmakebas.
Source code: http://github.com/chris-y/zmakebas

The only change is the inclusion of documentation in AmigaGuide format.

2023-01-01 imneme
* Fix handling of numbers in variable names
* Fix labels in data statements
* Can now specify line numbers in label mode, also
as 90+2 (start at 90, increment by 2 on next lines)
* Version 1.8.0

2022-12-01 ohnosec
* Fixed bug where VAL$ wasn't being recognized properly
* Fixed bug where a label on a line corrupted the REM statement on the same line
* Version 1.7.2

2022-10-04 ohnosec
* Fixed bug where a label on a line dropped the REM statement on the same line
* Version 1.7.1

2022-06-23 ohnosec
* Added T/S 2000 tokens to array of spectrum keywords (0x7B ON ERR -> 0x7F RESET)
* Version 1.7.0

2021-01-26 flatduckrecords
* Spectranet

2020-04-28 Chris Young
* Minor changes so it builds on vbcc again
* Version 1.6.1

2020-04-21 Chris Young <chris at unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk>
* Added -3 switch to allow writing of +3DOS compatible files
(suitable to copy onto a +3 disk image or Next SD card)
* Version 1.6

2020-04-20 Derek Bolli <dbolli at bigpond.net.au>

* Added ZX Spectrum Next NextBASIC tokens to array of spectrum keywords (0x87 PEEK$ -> 0xA2 RMDIR)
* Added support for ZX Spectrum Next NextBASIC %$nnnn hex and %@nnnn binary notation with no FP inline representation required
* Fixed bug preventing zx81 mode FP inline representation being added for labels (introduced in v1.4.1-alpha)
* Version 1.5.2 (skips non-functioning v1.5.1)

2015-07-26 Derek Bolli <dbolli at bigpond.net.au>

* Combined the zmakebas 1.41-alpha version
from http://www.ianjohnston.com/
with the version by Antonio Villena (which I am calling 1.42) at
which fixes the DEF FN issue where the program fails to run with a Q Parameter Error
and can also create ZX81 .p files.
* Fixed a case statement increment issue in 1.42 memcpycnv that prevented compilation
* Fixed an issue in 1.42 dbl2spec where function would loop endlessly if num param was 0
* Windows version compiled by @utz at http://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/discussion/51025/fix-for-the-def-fn-bug-of-zmakebas#latest
* Version 1.5.

2014-08-08 Alistair Neil <info@dazzleships.net>

* Added experimental support for a tiny subset of spectranet commands
* Added -v option for version output
* Version 1.4-alpha.

2014-08-06 Alistair Neil <info@dazzleships.net>

* Fixed usagehelp not displayed if no arguments provided.
* Version 1.3.

2004-07-23 Russell Marks <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>

* Version 1.2.

2004-05-01 Russell Marks <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>

* Fixed ignoring of escape sequences in REM statements. Thanks
again to Matthew Westcott.

* zmakebas.c: added support for embedding literal eight-bit
character codes into the output, for e.g. colour control codes.
Thanks to Matthew Westcott for the patch.

2000-11-03 Russell Marks <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>

* Version 1.1.

* zmakebas.1: minor fixes.

* Cleaned things up a little, made installation saner, added
uninstall target, and updated contact details.

Upload Date:Jan 06 2023
Size:59 KB
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