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Description:AmIRC is the best client for the IRC Internet Relay Chat protocol written by Oliver 'Olli' Wagner.
Developer/Porter:Henes & Piru
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AmIRC is a client for the IRC Internet Relay Chat protocol written by
Oliver Wagner <owagner@vapor.com> and Jamie van den Berge <entity@vapor.com>.
It is a part of the VaporWare suite of Internet applications. For more
information on AmIRC or any other VaporWare products, please see our
website - http://www.vapor.com/.

AmIRC used to be shareware. It is now FREEWARE! No key is required anymore.
The new official AmIRC website is http://www.amirc.org/.

The executable comes in two versions: One for 68020 (and up) CPUs and OS
3.0 or OS 3.1 systems, one for PowerPC CPUs and MorphOS.

AmIRC is (C) 1995-2011 by Oliver Wagner <owagner@vapor.com>, All Rights
Reserved. Additional coding done by Jamie van den Berge
<entity@vapor.com>, Marcin Orlowski <carlos@amiga.com.pl>, Jerome Fisher
<kingguppy@vapor.com>, Jacob Laursen <laursen@vapor.com> and more...
Documentation by Frank Mosch.

Special thanks to all ATO members who provided translations for AmIRC.
See http://ato.vapor.com/ for more information on the Amiga
Translators Organization.


AmIRC v3's features include

- Works with Genesis, Miami, AmiTCP and as225/inet225, no additional

- Built-in highly optimised DCC drivers for SEND, TSEND and MOVE, with
asynchronous file I/O and threaded network handling. Supports drag &
drop sending of files, and DCC RESUME.

- Tranparent DCC CHAT routes all /MSGs via DCC CHAT if possible. There
is an option to automatically accept DCC CHAT connections.

- Supports secure encrypted DCC CHAT (SCHAT).

- Ultra fast text output and scrolling. Supports copy & paste for the
list text, and allows the use of proportional fonts. Supports
colored text and inline display of URLs

- Internal CTCP flood and DCC bomb protection, and clone warning.

- Full Undernet IRC extensions (reply codes and additional commands).

- Intuitive channel display, with userlist and channel mode overview.
Channel modes can easily be changed and the banlist inspected via
these gadgets. The configurable user action list allows you to
perform whatever action you like on user(s) in channel by the press
of a mousebutton..

- Uses query windows for private chat.

- Supports "smart" banning.

- Versatile AREXX port includes server message parsing (event trapping)
and commandline/script interaction.

- Easy to use command line aliasing.

- Built-in IdentD, which is automatically disabled if another IdentD is
already running.

- Nickname notification, highliting, ignoring and kickban.

- Versatile event handling, allows you to bind sound effects, auto-
deiconify, or ARexx scripts to certain events.

- Server phonebook.

- Last nick history stores the nicknames of the last nicks you've sent
MSGs to, received MSGs from or addressed publically with "nick:".
Use the ":" placeholder in all commands which require nicknames,
(e.g. /MSG, /OP, /DEOP), for automatic expansion.

- The TAB key automatically cycles through the list of last used nicks
with a /MSG prefix.

- Nickname completion. Pressing TAB after typing a partial nickname will
automagically match nicks in the current channel, just like in your
favorite CON: handler.

- Auto rejoin channel on /KICK, and auto reconnect to server facility.

- Auto /AWAY after a user-specified idle timeout. Also, auto unaway after
sending public and/or private msgs is possible.

- URL grabber for interfacing with the Voyager WWW browser (or via an
ARexx script or OpenURL for other browsers)

- Single window mode. You can join several channels with opening
just a single window.


Although this version of AmIRC is endorsed by Vapor, please note this is *not*
a Vapor release. Do *not* contact Vapor about it. If you have any bug-report,
suggestion or comment about this version then please contact support at

4.Major changes since last release (3.5)

- UPnP port forwarding for DCC and IdentD.

- Turbo and Passive DCC support.

- many minor improvements and bugfixes (see below for details)

Major changes since release 3.0

- At long last: "Tab" mode: Show multiple channel or queries
in a single "notebook"-style tabbed window, highliting pages
with new messages, quickly switching between pages by clicking
on the tab header.

- "Economy" channel modes: Shows channel modes as simple text button,
to leave more visual space for topic.

- many other minor improvements and fixes. Refer to the detailed
changes list below for details.

- Dynamic plugin loading

- Conference mode

- Support for +h and +l channel modes

- Improved highlighting

- Bugfixes galore

Major changes since AmIRC 2.x

- Support for colored text both in input (WYSIWYG) and output

- Support for "inline" clickable URLs

- Optional "Timestamping" of viewer lines

- many many additions to Plugin API, including
plugin preference options

- many additions to ARexx port

- many minor GUI improvements, including a completely
reworked prefs model, different background color
when scrolled back, popup menu for favorite channels,
more configurable text colors

- full support for ircu 2.10.x and new IrcNet
"e" and "I" modes

- integrated clone warning and oper announcement

- several new user commands

- no more limits on /OP, /BAN etc. mode commands

- Log file names can now be configured using a template

- several security and usability improvements

(see below for detailed list of changes)

6.Complete revision history

[Changes before 2.2 have been removed from this file]

- net: now recognizes undernet 2.10.x servers and sends
LIST and MODE changes properly

- net: PASS is now send before NICK/USER to comply with

- GUI: will now clear channel limit/keyword strings when
leaving a channel
- GUI: topic is now a text field as long as the channel is +t
and user has no ops
- GUI: fixed clicking into topic gadget when AmIRC window
is deactive to no longer move focus into the main string

- GUI: topic now has a short-help stating who set and when
topic was set, together with the complete topic string

- GUI: fixed topic text background
- GUI: fixed window minimum width after iconification
- GUI: one of the info text lines in the general prefs was
missing a MUIA_Text_SetMin, FALSE and thus limited window
minimum width to a bogus amount. Fixed, and the window
now also opens on a 640x200 screen with topaz/8 :)

[beta timeout fix, sorry :-]

- GUI: added support for CTRL^C color codes

- GUI: fixed restting of colors
- GUI: fixed marking of colored text
- GUI: now correctly filters control codes from the short help
bubble topic
- Input: Aliased CTRL-K to CTRL-C for the sake of compatiblity :)
- GUI: should no longer quit when iconified and a dialog window
- GUI: added option to turn off colors

- Prefs: state of DO_COLORS wasn't properly saved to disk
- GUI: channel limit and keyword are now switched between text
and string objects as well
- GUI: fixed handling of wordwrap/color codes
- GUI: limit and keyword entry fields are now hidden when
channel mode isn't active

- Net: fixed logging (was screwed with the color change)

- Prefs: Will now read ENV:REALNAME on first start, and
preset this as realname if available
- Prefs: Will now read ENV:USER on first start, and
preset this as nick if available
- General: changed browser interface. Will now ask for
a browser via file requester if it can't find any
using OpenURL, sendbrowser.AMIRX or Voyager IPC
- GUI: changed initial demo nagging dialog to offer
direct jump to Vapor online ordering
- GUI: URLs are now clickable inside the listview
- Key: changed key system to use new crytographic keys

- Debug: added debug output to watch the rexx port cleanup

- Net: fixed version reply

- GUI: channel limit wasn't displayed in the string gadget,
only in the text one
- GUI: asl request hook for DCC send no longer produces
duplicate ASLFR_InitialDrawer tags in the final tag list.
This *may* be the reason why the "V42" ASL lib occassionally
threw up (can't test that here)

- Plugin: added amiplug_sendrxmsg() callback to allow plugins
to send off REXX commands without bothering with their own
message ports
- Plugin: added AMIPLUG_Query_Hook_FinalSetup and finalsetup
- GUI: fixed several quirks in the URL recognition; also now
also recognizes "ftp.host.do.main" and https:// URLs

- General: Now uses vapor_toolkit.library
- GUI: about window now has a default object, to make stuntzi
- GUI: list now has time tagging (not switchable yet; this is

- GUI: now tries to gather channel join/parts before
redrawing user list, to reduce CPU usage on netsplits/netjoins
or clone floods

- GUI: reimplemented timestamp rendering
- DCC: incoming DCC requests are now checked for
MUI string formating codes, and rejected, to overcome
a potential security hole
- GUI: raw log window now escapes all control codes
with "\x[hexval]"
- GUI: fixed several instances of MUI ESC codes going
unprocessed into objects
- DCC: will now check for AmigaGuide files and refuse
to autoview them

- DCC: fixed autoviewing screen name passing (was
broken in 2.2.18)
- GUI: no-op topic gadget is now a Textinput NoInput
object to allow mark&copy
- GUI: modified clip handling. Now Prefix and Timestamp
columns can be individually selected
- GUI: list now uses vapor_toolkit.library to find URLs
- GUI: URL grabber window now also uses the VAT
URL scanner to find URLs
- GUI: fixed clicking beyond line end to no longer
activate a URL
- GUI: opening a query window will now send a hidden
WHOIS if the userhost is unknown, to fill up the
userhost cache and get the window info filled.
This should also somewhat fix the problems of SOCKS users
being unable to DCC to people before AmIRC knows the
receiver's userhost.

- Net: fixed URL grabber window. Now also will not insert
URLs from messages from ignored people
- GUI: fixed marking with timestamp starts
- GUI: fixed minsize for list object, to fix potential
- GUI: dialog windows now have an "I"gnore button.
This will (temporary) IGNORE the query window user.
send a SILENCE +userhost and close the window
- GUI: dialog windows now have a DCC "M"ove button to
inititate a DCC MOVE instead of a DCC SEND

- GUI: fixed handling of URLs with color codes before

- General: recompiled with correct structure for URL

- GUI: did some modifications for new TI version
- Net: taught mode parser to be case sensitive,
and understand new ircnet "e" and "I" modes

- Plugins: amiplug_out_*() functions would
throw up when text with % formatting codes
was passed in
- Rexx: added the following new commands:
(done by entity@zeelandnet.nl)
arguments to "ECHO", which allow echoing to
specific windows. "STRICT" is a option that
doesn't output if the requested target window
was not found.
(done by entity@zeelandnet.nl)
- GUI: will now support TI 17.x style editing
where appropriate

- GUI: node size calculation screwup caused pool

- GUI: user/op count is now a gauge, showing
channel filling when +l is set. Also has
more sensible labeling now.
- GUI: added "Disconnect" menu item
- Net: lowered the "don't wait for server response
on quit" limit from 100s to 10s lag

- GUI: main string has now a popup menu
offering color/style insertions. Requires
popupmenu.library (done by zapek@vapor.com)

- GUI: fixed crash on missing popupmenu.library
on quit
- GUI: added Cut/Copy/Paste to custom popup for
- GUI: custom popup is now also shown when
standard textinput popups are active
- GUI: fixed marking of colours past end of line

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- GUI: user list counter is now only a gauge
for channels with a user limit
- Plugin: added the following:
amiplug_getchanattr() callback + tags,
AMIPLUG_Query_Hook_Input and input function,
AMIPLUG_Query_CustomRexx, rexxcmd structure
and dorexx function.
- Rexx: added GetTarget command.
- GUI: added 'automatic' IRCNet channelmode 'e' and 'I' modebuttons.
- GUI: topic no longer changes to editable string when you get voice.

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- GUI: IRCNet channelmodebuttons really automatic now.
- GUI: fixed the userlist gauge.
- Plugin: added the following attributes for amiplug_getattr():
AMIPLUGATTR_Target, _Channels, _ServerChannelModes,
_ServerUserModes, _Version.
- GUI: keyword and limit now also no longer become
editable when getting voice. limit gadget now only accepts
numeric input.
- GUI: added context menu to channel button which allows
joining the Favorite Channels, switching to an already
joined channel and 'cycling' & leaving the current channel.
- Command: added "/CYCLE [channel]", which leaves and
rejoins the channel (handles channel keyword)
- Command: added "/FINDHOST [channel|ALL] userhost", which
lists all users in the channel (or all users known to
AmIRC if the ALL keyword was used) with the userhost
pattern (which must be nick!user@host style) specified.
command which fills the specified arexx stem-variable STEMVAR
with the following:
STEM.0 - number of users of which the host matched the pattern
STEM.x - a nick!user@host that matched the pattern, where x is
a number from 1 to STEM.0
When neither WINNUM nor CHANNEL is specified, AmIRC will scan
all known users instead of just the channel.
- DCC: fixed cps calculation for DCC RESUME.
- Rexx: fixed cps calculation for DCC RESUME in GETDCC.
- Rexx: fixed PARSELINE bug that caused very long lines to be
cut off.
- Command: rewritten /BAN and /BANDEL to allow specifying an
unlimited number of userhosts.
- Command: added the following IRCNet support commands:
/EXCADD [channel] userhost[,userhost...] add ban exception(s)
/EXCDEL [channel] userhost[,userhost...] remove ban exceptions(s)
/EXCLIST [channel] request ban exceptions list
/INVADD [channel] userhost[,userhost...] add autoinvite(s)
/INVDEL [channel] userhost[,userhost...] remove autoinvite(s)
/INVLIST [channel] request autoinvites list
- Net: added Oper Detection. It displays the opers on a channel
when you join it.
- Net: added Clone Detection. This will check for clones on
joining a channel and on every new user join (clones from
yourself are ignored)
- GUI: attempts to /QUERY channels will now fail silently.
- GUI: changed the Actions page in Setup window to a (drag-
sortable) listview.

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- Command: fixed /OP, /BAN (etc) handling and made it more intelligent.
- GUI: fixed channelbutton context menu causing crash when selecting
one odf the 'already joined' channels.
- GUI: ignored users now show up in the userlist in a user-definable
- GUI: made Query windows prefix use 11 instead of 9 characters.
- GUI: fixed a potential background pen setting of -1 (KingGuppy)
- GUI: fixed text length calculations messing up with three or more
digit numbers after a colour code (KingGuppy)
- General: Hopefully fixed split words being saved with spaces during
"Save Buffer" (KingGuppy)
- Command: Added /RECONNECT
- GUI: enabled IRC styles for all of the string gadgets in the
'Messages' section of Setup.
- LOG: added logfilename template configuration options.

- GUI: fixed bug with some prefs string gadgets not having proper
initial contents (Olli)
- GUI: fixed userlist sizing (Olli)

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- GUI: (temporarily?) reverted back to old style userlist due to a bit
of problems with NList.
- GUI: altered Setup window to look like MUI's (idea: KingGuppy)
- Plugin: added AMIPLUG_Query_Hook_Prefs and related stuff.

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- GUI: set correct background for Setup window.
- GUI: removed NList title seperators in Setup->Actions.
- GUI: fixed tripple-clicking on URLs in double-click mode
- Input: fixed /lastlog hangup (Olli)
- GUI: userhosts in JOIN/PART/QUIT/NOTIFY are no longer
turned into mailto: URLs anymore (Olli)

- GUI: fixed enforcer hits introduced with URL skipping (Olli)

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- Plugin: forgot to do the AMIPLUGPREFS_Use method when the user hits OK
in Setup.
- GUI: AmIRC logo replaced with V3 logo by Morden.
- GUI: removed 'Lists...' and 'Function keys...' items from Setup menu.
- GUI: userhosts in WHOIS also no longer turned into URLs.
- GUI: setup->actions now only displays entries up to the last one
- GUI: objects in the modes group now all have the same height (except
for the channelbutton).
- Plugin: AMIPLUGPREFS_Dispose was not performed if the Setup window was
open on quitting AmIRC.
- Command: fixed buffer overflow in /HELP due to too many commands.
- GUI: fixed listview images not being allocated in chipmem.
- GUI: fixed wrapped lines losing a space under some circumstances
- Plugin: hiding the VERSION response should now be harder to do.
- GUI: added CTCP flood control settings (in Setup->Misc).

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- Log: added URL logging option. It isn't very intelligent, just
writes all URLs found to disk, even if the file already contains
that URL.
- GUI: timestamps can now be disabled, hh:mm, or hh:mm:ss.
- GUI: selecting the events page in setup window caused the window
to resize to the page's maximum size if the window was larger.
- Net: fixed enforcer hits caused by a previously known user joining
again with a different userhost.

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- Rexx: added 'bytes done' attribute after the filename in the DCC.SEND
and DCC.RECEIVE stem variables returned by GETDCC. (These variables
may be extended with more attributes in the future, so scripts using
them should handle this).
- Rexx: nickname passed to USERHOST function is now truncated to 32
- GUI: now (optionally) an alternative background color is used in
the IRC listviews to indicate that it is currently not showing the
bottom line.
- GUI: added mouse wheel scrolling support (Olli & Entity)
- GUI: the action performed when doubleclicking a nick in the userlist is
now configurable (see Setup->Actions->Special).
- GUI: the current nick is now a button which performs a user configurable
action when clicked (see Setup->Actions->Special).
- Prefs: "Connect Thread" no longer saves the current settings to the
startup configfile. Instead, a temporary file is used to pass the
current settings to the new thread.
- GUI: DCC windows no longer show a redundant "from" in the host column.

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- Plugin: added amiplug_free() function to free memory allocated with
the amiplug_malloc() function.
- GUI: all objects in channelwindow's top group are now really all the
same height.
- Plugin: Fixed enforcer hitfest when plugin returns NULL in _Setup().
- GUI: made the window list a borderless window. no snapshotting of
the window & stuff yet.
- GUI: buttons in windowlist can now either uniconify & iconify the
window (default) or uniconify/pop to front (the 'old' way).
- GUI: fixed inability to jump to already joined channels using
channelbutton context menu.
- Net: fixed ban/invite/exc list messup.
- Plugin: added amiplug_fakerawline() function.
- GUI: fixed oper/clone detection outputting to wrong window when
joining multiple of channels at once.
- GUI: fonts used for channel and dialog windows are now configurable.
- GUI: added a number of new textcolor configuration options.

(done by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge <entity@zeelandnet.nl>)
- GUI: fixed dialog window font not being set/saved.
- GUI: all windows are not closed and reopened anymore if the colours,
timestamp, and/or inline url mode were changed.
- GUI: added contextmenu to the window list to allow closing and
(un)snapshotting the window.
- Imported source on CVS.

- Net: probably fixed never-ending auto-away warning loop (Wiz)
- GUI: it's possible to flush the outgoing queue by clicking on
its level meter in the info window (Wiz)
- GUI: own text colour setting is now actually used (Entity)
- Net: when you close a channel window the parse command routine
will be invoked with LEAVE, so that plugins can override the
command and perform what they like (eg. a plugin of mine changes
the part text randomly) (Wiz)
- GUI: Fixed a number of enforcerhits caused by some ban/exc/inv
list operations (Entity)
- Net: Fixed broken 'eating' of except/invite list in case someone
did a +I or +e (Entity)

- GUI: hotkeyed most gadgets in AmIRC windows (Carlos)
- GUI: added close button to plugin window (Carlos)
- GUI: localized some remaining hard-coded strings (Carlos)
- General: AmIRC now checks and warns before it overwrite
any existing file (Carlos)
- GUI: Save/Load prefs related ASL requesters now pop ups on
AmIRC screen (Carlos)
- GUI: AmIRC now tries to create log subdir before it starts
complaining "Unable to open log file "%s" (error %ld)" (Carlos)
- GUI: AmIRC should no longer disappear into nothingness on closing
the tray window if it was the last window open (Entity)
- GUI: the color popup menu RMB triggering is more reliable (Zapek)
- GUI: windows opened from the TrayWindow are activated (Zapek)
- GUI: finally hotkeyed the whole prefs window (even colors
page ;) (Carlos)
- GUI: prefs window cannot be dismissed if there are still some
asl requesters opened around (Carlos)
- GUI: added Sort button to Aliases page in Setup->Lists (Entity)
- GUI: now uses Popplaceholder.mcc class (Carlos)

- GUI: hotkeyed Kick&Ban window (Carlos)
- GUI: user list popup menu is now slightly configurable, featuring
well-known Buttons-In-Menu scheme as well as a few predefined
skeletons (Carlos)
- GUI: assigned 'f1'-'f4' keys to the ban mask scheme buttons in
Kick&Ban window (Carlos)
- GUI: localized input string gadget popup menu (Carlos)
- GUI: input string popup menu now fallback to default one, if there's
no popup.library available (Carlos)
- GUI: fixed bug causing input string's popup menu to be available over
any object as default popup (Carlos)
- Net: fixed wrong reporting of channel mode changes (Entity, not Wiz ;)

- General: Updated keyfile systems to recognize both new ("AmIRC-3.KEY")
and old ("AmIRC.KEY") keyfiles, and hint to the update system for
old ones (Olli)
- General: updated About window (Olli)
- GUI: lame bug in "DCC Send" button in query windows sometimes
caused the filerequester to madly activate itself when then
window became active again (Olli)
- GUI: fixed underscore in labels with MUI V20+ (Olli)

- Rexx: DCC receive bytes done value was invalid (Entity)
- Net: empty CTCP SOUND requests are now not processed (Entity)
- GUI: fixed mixed up SEND/CHAT in 'Complex' userlist menu,
added MOVE item, and fixed other bugs in it (Entity)
- Command: fixed /KickBan totally Nuking� AmIRC (Entity)
- Net: resume between AmIRC and mIRC now works in both
ways (Wiz)
- GUI: added "Back" and "Front" context menu items for the
traywindow (Zapek)
- GUI: fixed userlist buttons firing an action two times (Entity)
- Plugin: added amiplug_out_infowin() function (Entity)
- Plugin: added AMIPLUG_Query_Hook_Rawline2 and _NumericMsg2 tags
and related stuffs (Entity)
- Net: fixed URL's in topic not being grabbed on joining the
channel (Entity)
- Plugin: pushed rawlines (amiplug_fakerawline()) no longer wait
until a line is received from the server.
- Rexx: fixed crash bug in USERHOST command

- GUI: the maximum number of query windows is now exactly as the
user specified, rather than one more (KingGuppy)
- GUI: using /QUERY on a nick attached to an iconified dialogue
window will now uniconify that window (KingGuppy)
- GUI: NoInput Textinput gadgets now replace Text gadgets where appropriate
- GUI: the "Favorite Channels" [sic] window now correctly uses a list
background (KingGuppy)
- GUI: increased topic gadget max len and alias maxlen to 1024 (Entity)
- Plugin: added AMIPLUGCHANATTR_Topic (Entity)
- GUI: added "Append" and "Overwrite" option when saving a logfile over an
existing one (Zapek)
- Rexx: added INPUT command, which does the same as SAY but also triggers
any plugin's input hook (Entity)

- GUI: fixed plugin list, screwed up when changing to Textinput (KingGuppy)
- GUI: improved Textinput gadget usage in about window (KingGuppy)
- GUI: fixed control-f10 in Settings->Fkeys not having any PopPH items (Entity)
- Net: made usermode parsing casesensitive (Entity)
- CTCP: removed the BACKDOOR hoax (Olli)

- General: Updated release package
- Net: fixed potential buffer overflow when a netsplit happened
and a lot of nicks left (Olli)

- GUI: topic string really accepts 1024 characters now (Entity)
- Plugin: fixed standard raw/numeric hook not working (Entity)
- Net: fixed new channel invites not being added to list (Entity)
- Net: taught mode parser to handle +h and +L channelmodes (Entity)
- GUI: e/I mode buttons no longer require both modes to be available
on the server (Entity)
- GUI: popplaceholder string gadgets in Settings window now support
color styles (Entity)
- General: fixed bug making (under some circumstances) the app to
behave as unregistered even the valid keyfile was placed in valid
key directory (Carlos)

- Command: added /LOAD, /RELOAD and /UNLOAD commands to dynamically
remove/add plugins (Entity)

- GUI: prefs panel uses ASL mode for PopPH objects whereever
necesary -> requires Popph 14.5 or better (Carlos)
- General: autoaway_reset wasn't saved properly (Entity)
- GUI: own text color is now used for actions as well (Entity)
- GUI: invite color wasn't used for invite messages (Entity)
- GUI: complex user list context menu does no longer pops up if
the list is disabled (Carlos)
- GUI: improved the windowlist a lot (Entity)

- GUI: winlist action cycle in setup had no effect (Entity)
- GUI: changed Windows/DCC Chat-Window shortcut, as 'C' shall
remain for "Copy". Added some other nifty shortcuts (Carlos)
- GUI: prefs related menu items (save/load) get disabled while
settings window is opened (Carlos)
- GUI: fixed some bugs related to avoiding treating hostmasks as URLs
- GUI: started adding support for URLs spanning multiple lines
- GUI: some string gadgets in setup were still limited to 80
characters (Entity)
- Rexx: GETUSERSTATE now also accepts a nick as argument for the
USER parameter (Entity)

- GUI: added conference mode to channelbutton menu (surpresses
JOIN/PART messages) (Entity)

- GUI: added a "Beep" entry to the popup menu (Olli)

3.2 (Release)
- General: included updated Textinput classes,
vapor_toolkit and vapor_registration library (Olli)
- GUI: own part message wasn't shown (Entity)

- GUI: about window shows serial number now (Entity)
- GUI: fixed multi-line URLs spanning too much of their last line (KingGuppy)
- Command: added /FAKE. This queues fake rawlines, to be processed as real
ones (Entity)
- Net: held a 'who can write the best improved netsplit checker'
contest with KingGuppy (Entity)
- Rexx: added FAKE command (Entity)
- GUI: added option to stop query windows from opening automatically when
away (Entity)

- Command: fixed buffer overflow in /HELP when a plugin has a lot of
custom commands defined (Entity)
- Net: small bug in netsplit checker involving leading asterisks
squashed (Entity)
- General: got rid of the ancient 'No longer away' flood bug (Entity)
- Net: initial nick is taken from welcome message to work around
weird IRCNet server behaviour (Entity)

- Net: really fixed asterisk bug in netsplit check now :^) (Entity)
= General: LARGE MAJOR BIG HUGE rewrite and restructuring of the
window handling and loads and loads of other stuff (Entity)
- GUI: added the famous 'tabs' feature (Entity)
- General: fixed busyloop/crash on selecting "load|save settings..."
menu items (Entity)

- GUI: fixed private messages ending up in wrong window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed DCC Chat button in query windows not being updated
in some cases (Entity)
- GUI: fixed closing last query window closing the connection
- GUI: added some list backgrounds where appropriate (KingGuppy)
- Net: added some extra checks to prevent problems when a channel is joined
but not linked graphically, e.g. when out of chip mem. (KingGuppy)
- Rexx: fixed some potential crashes in userlist-related ARexx commands which
were introduced in the rewrite (KingGuppy)
- GUI: fixed crash&burn of KickBan window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed hostname going into 'away:' when doing a WHOIS in query
windows (Entity)
- Rexx: fixed SAY and INPUT opening a channel window for no reason (Entity)

- GUI: window titles properly updated on server change now (Entity)
- GUI: got rid of infinite loop on removal of a ban/except/invite (Entity)
- GUI: 'remove' button in ban/except/invite window works again (Entity)
- GUI: dragging files in query windows works again (Entity)
- GUI: tab handles can be dragged onto the screen to detach now (Entity)
- GUI: input gadget now properly activated on joining a channel (Entity)
- GUI: fixed tab nick completion not working in tabbed channels (Entity)
- GUI: fixed channelbutton contextmenu not working in some cases (Entity)
- GUI: changed tabs to button bar, with labels changing to indicate
someone said something like in the window list (Entity)
- GUI: fixed some object dispose problems (Entity)
- GUI: fixed channel/dialog menu items (Entity)

- Net: TEXT ignore was broken (Entity)
- GUI: fixed window list buttons not being updated on window open (Entity)
- GUI: setup window rewritten, now opens MUCH quicker :^). some settings
moved to more logical places as well (Entity)
- GUI: fixed several problems with the first msg(s) gotten in automatically
opened query windows (Entity)
- GUI: hopefully really fixed /qkick window now (Entity)
- GUI: added option to hide the Lag-o-Meter (Entity)
- GUI: added option to disable the Balance object in channels (Entity)

- GUI: added 'economy' channelmodes button as option. it saves some horiz.
space, acting as toggle to show/hide the normal channelmode buttons. it
also displays ALL channelmodes set instead of just [tnsipmlk] (Entity)
- GUI: now requests channelmodes again on getting ops when +k is set but
keyword isn't known (not-so-clever 'feature' of ircu) (Entity)
- Plugin: fixed passing incorrect userlist pointer (Entity)
- GUI: /qkick window fixed (hopefully for the last time) (Entity)
- Net: quit messages are hidden when Conference mode is on (Wiz)

- GUI: fixed buffer overflow that occurred when a string longer than 256
characters was typed in a query window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed amirc vanishing into thin air after closing the tray window
when all channels/queries are already iconified (Entity)
- GUI: fixed DCC info messages ending up in Query windows for users the
message was not directed to in some cases (Entity)
- GUI: fixed nickbutton status led forgetting its status on changing
nick (Entity)
- GUI: flush buffer works again, now also for the info window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed getting crap text behind the first message in an
automatically opened query window (Entity)

- GUI: menu checkmarks didn't work with standard Intuition menus (Entity)
- General: added updated classes, Installer, docs and
everything for release package.
- General: added updated Trans.AmIRX by Christian Birchinger
- General: added XRef.AmIRX by Jamie "Entity" van den Berge

- Command: fixed away state not toggling on /AWAY without argument (Entity)
- GUI: fixed open-windows-on-startup options not doing so (Entity)
- GUI: "BorderRight" startup option (to use right windowborder as scroller)
now works again (Entity)
- GUI: fixed trailing spaces being incorporated in the target nick of query
windows, causing received privmsgs not to be displayed in it (Entity)
- GUI: fixed problems with seperate userlist mode (Entity)
- Net: fixed realname getting appended to hostname in internal database on
receiving WHOIS information on a user (Entity)
- GUI: fixed complex userlist contextmenu actions like OP, VOICE, etc, never
operating on multiple users at once (Entity)
- Command: fixed /FINDHOST not working without the ALL switch (Entity)
- Command: added /CLEAR [channel|nick], to flush the buffer of the current
or the specified chat (Entity)
- Net: fixed getting stray [to #channel] message just after closing that
channel (Entity)
- Rexx: added DIALOGS command, which returns all /QUERY'd nicknames (Entity)

- GUI: fixed ban/except/invite lists getting cleared when someone sets a
ban/except/invite (Entity)
- GUI: expanded highlighting feature. keywords enclosed in single (') instead
of double (") quotes are now matched case sensitive (Entity)
- GUI: added option to make AmIRC remember the buffer position on iconifying
the window (Entity)
- GUI: added page detach/close items to the contextmenu (Entity)
- GUI: added option to hide the page detach/close gadgets in the top left
corner of chat windows (Entity)
- GUI: changed the way chat pages are managed internally. it should be a
bit faster now (Entity)
- GUI: got rid of some excess redraws when pages were added/removed (Entity)
- GUI: fixed Total Nuke(TM) on a nick/status change when a window with
multiple channel pages was open (Entity)

- GUI: fixed hit when dragging out a user to open a query window (Entity)
- GUI: streamlined page system some more (Entity)
- GUI: the colors for the 'new message' and 'highlight' states of the page and
iconify (winlist) buttons are now configurable (Entity)
- GUI: fixed logging detected URLs again on relayout (Entity)
- GUI: mIRC colors emulation now close to 100% (Entity)
- GUI: added inline channel links feature (Entity)
- GUI: made mailto-link detection slightly more intelligent (Entity)
- GUI: tray/page buttons for query windows no longer highlight if just the
nick changed or the user left, etc (Entity)

- GUI: last space of /command lines is now stripped (Entity)
- GUI: fixed big fat nuke on marking visually empty lines (Entity)
- Rexx: fixed IsIconified command returning incorrect values (Entity)
- GUI: fixed some problems with the About window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed some serious bugs in custom string class: a 3k memory leak, a
possible crash and other nastyness, caused by incorrect implementation of
the custom popup menu, and triggered by each operation that caused the
string gadget to re-appear (page change, uniconify, etc) (Entity)
- Log: added immediate logging feature which, when enabled, will cause AmIRC
to flush the output buffer (= write immediately) for every line written to
the logfile (Entity)
- Net: fixed getting negative filelengths in DCC Receive window, making
resume impossible (Entity)
- GUI: mIRC color emulation not as close to 100% as I thought :/ (Entity)
- GUI: fixed enforcer hit when ticking the TEXT/PRIV/CTCP checkmarks on the
ignore page in setup window (Entity)
- GUI: list no longer wordwraps on hyphens, as this causes more harm than
good in real world texts (Olli)
- Net: first lagprobe isn't sent until after 20 seconds of connection
time, to avoid falsified lag reports due to the initial message exchange
"flood" which takes place upon initial connect (autojoin channel NAMES,
MOTD etc.) (Olli)
- GUI: fixed marking offset problem when styles are included (Entity)
- GUI: fixed getting artifacts at end of line prefix with some fonts (Entity)
- GUI: eliminated possible hit on joining a channel (Entity)
- GUI: fixed possible hit on closing a channel/dialog window (Entity)

- GUI: fixed about window alignments (Olli)
- GUI: fixed bar offset in non-timestamp-mode (Olli)
- GUI: bar offset now precalculated for newly opened channels, to avoid
relayouting a couple of times (Entity)
- GUI: fixed possible crash on closing AmIRC while connecting (Entity)
- GUI: fixed character after control characters disappearing when saving
the buffer to disk (Entity)
- Net: fixed CTCP ACTION (/ME) going through IRC instead of DCC if a DCC Chat
connection was established with that user (Entity)
- GUI: fixed topic string not being cleared on joining a channel with no topic
set (Entity)
- Command: /DCC SEND can now have a single directory as last argument (after
nick), it then uses that directory for the filerequester instead of the
default send path (Entity)
- GUI: if popupmenu.library v 9 or higher is installed, AmIRC will use
horizontal layouts for its color selection menu (Zapek)
- GUI: updated default server list (Zapek)
- General: added updated Documentation, Classes, Libs and everything (Olli)

- GUI: AmIRC no longer crashes when RMBing over the ircstring object and
there's no popupmenu.library (Zapek)
- GUI: clicking on the AmIRC logo in the server selection window brings the
About requester again (Zapek)
- GUI: autoaway line in query windows now parses IRC styles properly
- GUI: fixed tab dragging to work with MUI4 (Olli)
- GUI: topic gadget now parses function keys and supports the
color popup (Olli)
- GUI: drag object in dialog pages now has full text height (Olli)
- General: Fixed excessive idle CPU eating (Olli)

- GUI: input string popup menu now no longer shows color codes
when "Show Colors?" is deselected in menu (Olli)
- Rexx: "Connected" script is no longer run on manual /MOTDs (Olli)
- Net: fixed problem with JOIN not working properly if used too
quickly after a LEAVE of the same channel in a script/alias (Entity)
- Command: extended /QUERY to take a '+' or '-' as last argument,
forcing the query to open in a new (-) or the current (+) window.
this overrides the 'Use pages by default' setting (Entity)
- GUI: added 'Query' button to notify window (Entity)
- GUI: added NICK and DCC shanghai options to Info window (Entity)
- GUI: 'I' button in query windows no longer sends a SILENCE command
to the server when AmIRC is certain it's on an IRCNet server (Entity)
- GUI: logging option for channel/query windows is now a menu item in the
channel/query button context menu instead of an 'L' button (Entity)
- GUI: fixed page manipulation gagets not being updated properly after
they are switched on/off in Setup window.
- GUI: fixed query windows being resized when the GUI is reset (Entity)
- GUI: fixed Window List scrolling causing graphics corruption (Entity)

- GUI: if a nick is selected in the userlist it'll be shown in the context
menu's title (Zapek)
- GUI: background in the 'Info messages' window was wrong (Zapek)
- Net: fixed potential freeze-on-join behaviour on a certain type of non-
standard IRC server (Entity)
- Net: CTCP replies weren't enqueued with proper low priority (Olli)

- GUI: fixed a few object lifetime issues (involving crash-on-quit
and closing last channel tab in a window) (Olli)

- GUI: (hopefully) fixed possible problem with tray button refreshes
- GUI: fixed clearing of topic when leaving channel -- really, this time
- Net: the "/reconnect" command now behaves like as if the current
connection was lost due to timeout (Olli)
- Net: unknown modes are again shown as raw text (Olli)
- GUI: channel URL recognition now doesn't stop on "." or "!" anymore
unless it's the last char in channel name (for channel names like
"#babefloors.uk") (Olli)
- Command: "/query nick msg" is now possible to open a query window
and directly sent a message (Olli)
- GUI: fixed offset problems when scanning for URLs in QUIT-alike
messages (Olli)

- Command: "/query nick +/-" now works again as well (Olli)

- General: added updated Documentation by Frank Mosch
- General: added updated translations by ATO
- General: added updated vapor libraries, registration info and classes
- General: added updated MimePrefs
- General: added faster loader code

- GUI: it was possible to trigger a MUI layout fallback by inviting
people with excessivly long channel names (Olli)
- Plugin: AMIPLUGATTR_Channels wasn't working (Olli)
- Input: parameter substition fixed to only replace if a single char
is given -- this makes stuff like "/whois *nick*" working again (Olli)
- GUI: adding new servers and groups in server selection now properly
makes the new entry active and scrolls to the right position (Olli)

- GUI. fixed floating user list window title being bogotised (Olli)
- GUI: fixed floating user list not updating at all (Olli)
- Input: /reconnect without a server connection would crash
horribly (Olli)
- Net: (hopefully) fixed deadlock on +I modes without parameters (Olli)
= GUI: designed and written a brand new advanced textdisplay list class,
giving the following improvements:
- efficient internal storage causes a dramatic reduction in memory usage
- advanced one-pass layout engine ensures ultra fast relayout, even with
myriads of lines
- silky smooth and improved textmarking, configurable marking colors
- pointer position dependant scrolling speed while marking up/down
- more responsive inline URL handling and correct handling of URLs split
accross multiple lines
- close-to-100% mIRC color code emulation
- GUI: brought back the [L]ogging button as an option which is enabled by
default (Entity)
- GUI: (hopefully) fixed the existing-bans-not-appearing-in-list-after-
setting-one problem (Entity)
- Net: 'Deliberately hiding the VERSION response using a nifty plugin' is
now allowed for registered users only (Entity)
- GUI: new input string history handling, if you (accidentally) hit cursor-up
while editing a line it won't be lost anymore unless the line being edited
is an old one (Entity)
- GUI: added option to remove the close gadget from chat windows (Entity)

- GUI: fixed F-Keys not working in input string due to 3.5.2 changes (Entity)
- GUI: close gadget option didn't get saved (Entity)
- GUI: fixed joining a channel of 39 or more chars doing Bad Things (Entity)
- GUI: fixed possible crash/hits when scrollbuffer limit was reached (Entity)
- GUI: (hopefully) fixed the menus-not-appearing problem (Entity)
- GUI: fixed input string history not working with shift/capslock (Entity)
- GUI: fixed buffer overflow in invite handling (really, this time) (Olli)

- GUI: fixed '~' not being stripped from username in the ban window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed Save Buffer from causing an infinite loop (Entity)
- Rexx: added a 'disconnect' command (Zapek)
- GUI: fixed colored multiline entries not having the lines after the first
one colored if no further styles followed (Entity)

(public beta)

(public beta)
- General: recompiled with full optimization (Olli)
- General: fixed $VER tag, after all (Olli)
- General: Packaged new TI and vapor_toolkit.library (Olli)
- General: raised beta timeout to 1.4.2001 (Olli)

- GUI: fixed text scrolling up 1 line too much in certain circumstances
leaving a blank gap (Entity)
- GUI: fixed crash on quitting with seperate userlist(s) open (Entity)
- Cmd: /DCC commands now no longer require specifying the nickname when they
are typed in a query window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed enforcerhit on opening userlist contextmenu (classic style) when
there's more than 2 users activated (Entity)
- Cmd: fixed buffer overflow caused by /HELP (and other things) (Entity)
- GUI: fixed bug in text display class minwidth calculation resulting
in the layouter eating all available memory and screw up bigtime (Entity)

- GUI: fixed crash on entering 512 chars or more in the topic gadget (Entity)
- Cmd: /QUERY <nick> <text> now causes <text> to appear in the newly opened
query window instead of the window the command was issued in (Entity)
- GUI: mode changes won't alter the topic string anymore when it is being
edited, really this time (Entity)

(public beta)
- General: recompiled with full optimization (Olli)
- General: Packaged new TI and vapor_toolkit.library (Olli)
- General: raised beta timeout to 1.6.2001 (Olli)

- Cmd: fixed FORCE option causing /RELOAD to fail (Entity)
- GUI: changed mode buttons to lowercase (Entity)
- GUI: fixed the ban/invite/exempt list (3rd attempt :) (Entity)
- GUI: fixed the crash on drag&drop of windows on some occasions (Entity)

- General: redesigned the way sounds are loaded. the new sound datatype
manager causes only those sounds to be loaded/freed that changed since
the last loading phase, instead of freeing all sounds and reloading them
again. Other than being more memory efficient, this has the added
advantage of no longer having to wait 2 seconds for the changes to take
effect after hitting 'Use' in the Settings window (Entity)
- GUI: drag&drop behaviour changed:
* If drag&drop is used to drag a chat (= channel or query) out of a paged
window onto the screen (i.e. not into another chat), this chat's new window
will inherit the dimensions of the originating window, and will try to open
with the handle positioned at where you dropped it.
* If Detach (either the special button or the contextmenu item) is used,
the chat's new window will have the dimensions and position associated with
its given MUI Window ID (just like it used to) (Entity)
- GUI: fixed the rare "line-eating" bug (Entity)
- GUI: someone changing nick won't cause a complete relayout of that person's
dialog window anymore (Entity)
- GUI: the DCC windows now have their listviews as default objects, and
thus are immediately navigatable with the cursor keys (Olli)
- General: URLs now no longer sent to the wrong destination (Entity)
- GUI: fixed a small contained memory leak in IRC text display class (Entity)
- GUI: the IRC text display will no longer jump to the bottom line when the
window is resized (Entity)
- GUI: removed UseOldStyleStrings (UOSS). Textinput is now used for all
string gadgets (Entity)

- GUI: fixed not being able to move balance bar in channels when there's
multiple pages of userbuttons (Entity)
- GUI: fixed relayout nuke in IRC text display class (Entity)
- Rexx: fixed GETCHANNEL bug introduced in previous beta (Entity)

- GUI: fixed buffer overflow (read: nuke) in the URL handling of the IRC text
display class (Entity)
- GUI: made the DCC status windows (Chat/Send/Receive) dynamic and optimized
several DCC related things like API calls and rexx functions (Entity)

(public beta)
- Log: illegal characters in logfile names (caused by channelnames containing
these characters) now replaced with an underscore (Entity)
- GUI: restored DCC Chat window popup behaviour (Entity)
- General: fixed resetting AWAY status on sending private message if configured
to only UNAWAY on public messages (Entity)
- GUI: fixed incorrect window title for DCC SEND window (Entity)

- Cmd: fixed enforcer hit when issuing a /mode #channel +I or -I on some IRC
servers (Laursen)
- GUI: tray window now only shows active chats as 'open', not all chats in
all windows (Laursen)
- GUI: fixed channel mode button graphics corruption in non-economy mode
- GUI: added new "Network" page in prefs with TIADCC configuration for IP-NAT
restricted users (Laursen)
- Net: now respects the TIADCC port range (Laursen)
- GUI: fixed two layout problems (= nukes) in the text display class (Entity)
- GUI: rename button in DCC Receive window works again (Entity)
- Net: fixed DCC RESUME, hopefully (Entity)
- Net: fixed longstanding bug that made turbo (ACK-less) DCC receives
uninterruptable (Entity)
- GUI: fixed wrapped lines losing their background color if no further style
codes are present (Entity)

- General: fixed $VER string (Laursen)
- Net: fixed DCC Send/Chat, which was broken in 3.5.15 (Laursen)
- GUI: shuffled configuration options around in the Setup window, added
a new page "Output" containing all the text display related options (Entity)
- GUI: added "Limited tab highlighting" option to suppress tab/tray
highlighting on everything except normal/private messages (Laursen)
- GUI: added "Always highlight on current nick" option (Laursen)
- Cmd: added /PASTE command to paste text from clipboard (Laursen)
- GUI: added "Clipboard paste behaviour" config option to insert text from
clipboard "as is" (Laursen)
- General: brought back URL log - missing since 3.5.2 (Laursen)
- Net: modified netsplit detection code to be harder to fool now (Entity)

(public beta)
- GUI: fixed buffer overflow when typing a password longer than 31 chars
into the server selection window (Laursen)
- GUI: will now update userhosts in query windows when receiving
notifications (Laursen)
- General: AmIRC won't exhibit strange behaviour anymore when the system time
is changed backward or forward (Zapek)
- GUI: fixed enforcer hit on multiselect from userlist contextmenu (Entity)
- GUI: got rid of artifact pixel lines when marking text (Entity)

- GUI: reintroduced "Query windows on different Pubscreen" feature (Laursen)
- GUI: DCC percentage indicator no longer overflows for files larger than ~40
MB (Zapek)
- GUI: added log format template - the logged lines are now fully configurable
- GUI: fixed DCC Receive window still activating if it's already open when
someone sends a file (Entity)
- GUI: fixed text display not properly wrapping lines after a clear (Entity)
- General: fixed clipboard pasting in smart/text mode nuking randomly (Zapek)
- GUI: colour codes are now stripped from topics in the channel list window
- GUI: channel list window settings wasn't respected on some buggy IRC
servers - fixed (Laursen)
- Rexx: "Connected" script is now really no longer run on manual /MOTDs
- Net: added "From ENV" option for those TIADCC users who want to avoid
using the HOSTNAME environment variable (Laursen)
- GUI: added simple wordwrap for the topic help bubble to avoid (in most
cases) very wide bubbles (Laursen)

(public beta)
- GUI: added URL underline colours (Laursen)
- Net: fixed reconnect - now reconnects to the current server and joins
the current channels (Laursen)
- Net: removed as225 support (Zapek)
- General: implemented clever renaming of incoming DCC's, with long filename
support (Laursen)

- GUI: enabled URL underline colours (Laursen)
- GUI: colour codes are now stripped from the away help bubble (Laursen)
- Net: CTCP PING parsing had a possible overflow issue every 18.2
hours (Olli)
- GUI: fixed URL underline artifacts when using 8pt fonts (Entity)
- General: fixed some time calculation to stop using emulated instructions on
060 to make Hexaae happy (Zapek)

(public beta)
- GUI: clicking the lag-o-meter now resets it (Laursen)
- General: fixed tabs not being logged (Laursen)
- GUI: fixed empty lines getting added to input history (Entity)
- GUI: fixed clicking in empty areas of textdisplay triggering URLs (Entity)
- GUI: the topic string is now limited to the length that the server
supports, if possible (Textinput 29.3+ only) (Laursen)
- General: raised beta timeout to 1.2.2002 (Laursen)

- DCC: RESUME comparison is now done solely by the port, for better
compatibility with various clients (Olli)
- DCC: (hopefully) fixed excess DCC list refreshes, and calling of
DCC plugin hooks (Olli)
- GUI: window "short name" now has all IRC escape codes stripped; short name
is now also used throughout for channel references (tab header, tray
button etc.) (Olli)

(public beta)
- GUI: fixed blank nickname tabs (caused by the 'fix' above) (Entity)

(public beta)
- General: several internal design changes (Entity)
- GUI: removed "Seperate Userlist" and "Query windows on Public Screen"
features due to irresolvable design conflicts with paged windows and certain
planned changes. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this (Entity)
- GUI: channels no longer activated one after another on joining multiple
channels in one go (autojoin, etc) (Entity)
- Net: sets the TOS to lowdelay for the irc socket (Zapek)

(public beta)
- GUI: minimum notify delay lowered to 5 seconds (Laursen)
- GUI: when someone on the notification list joins a channel you're on,
an immediate notification is now triggered (Laursen)
- General: extended F-key to 512 chars (Zapek)
- GUI: maximum prefix width is now calculated in pixels instead of characters
to avoid bogus limitations with proportional fonts (Laursen)
- GUI: doesn't activate the chat window everytime there's a privmsg (Zapek)
- General: Each instance of AmIRC now has the instance number added to the
Commodities name so Exchange doesn't get confused (Entity)
- General: Removed beta timeout (Entity)

- GUI: hopefully fixed crash on quit/disconnect/reconnect (Entity)
- Net: no longer sends initial WHO when joining channels with many users
(hardcoded 256 for now) to prevent overflowing the SendQueue allocated on
the server. Note that this may cause scripts and plugins that rely on this
data to stop functioning properly in such channels; it was either that or
being disconnected immediately :) (Entity)
- GUI: No longer forcibly activates windows when an event occurs for which
de-iconify is enabled (Entity)
- GUI: reverted an older fix for the previous problem, which did solve it but
made bad things happen like messages appearing in the wrong window (Entity)
- GUI: fixed enforcerhit when joining channels by clicking on a channel name
in the text display (Entity)
- Input: fixed nickcompleter not working again when any keys that were pressed
at the time TAB was hit are released (Entity)

- GUI: clicking tray button actives windows as it should again (Entity)
- General: MorphOS port. (Henes)
- General: disabled popupmenu.library, this library is buggy (Henes)
- General: disabled vapor_update.library, the service is down (Henes)
- General: disabled as225, it's useless (Henes)
- Key: stronger error checking in the key loader (Henes)
- General: more robust multithreading (Henes)
- Fixed the old crash when joining a channel while AmIRC was still scanning
channels for people from the notify list.
Also fixed 2 other possible crash at the same time. (Henes)
- GUI: fixed page and tray buttons to be able to use RGB colors. (Henes)
- Prefs: "Use pages by default?" is enabled by default now. (Henes)
- General: now use sound datatype's streaming feature. MorphOS only. (Henes)
- General: changed the resethandler so Intuition doesn't think AmIRC is crashed.
MorphOS only. (Henes)
- GUI: channel userlist is visible by default now. (Henes)
- General: libraries are now closed if something went wrong during inits.
- Input: PageUp/PageDown support. (Henes)

- Plugin: new API to easily write PPC plugins. MorphOS only. (Henes)
- DCC: rewrote the secure chat code in C. Many thanks to Piru, my ASM teacher.
MorphOS only. (Henes)
- DCC: fixed /DCC LIST trashing the first char of some strings. (Henes)
- Command: unknown commands are now sent to the server.
Any non standard "/FOO bar" command is now working. (Henes)
- Net: added numeric 330 (Zapek)
- GUI: fixed crash at uniconify when the prefs window was open. (Henes)
- GUI: added F11 and F12 as usable FKeys. (Henes)
- GUI: possibility to drag&drop page buttons to any edge of the chat
window. (Henes)
- DCC: fixed a lot of potential crash in low resource situation. (Henes)
- General: even more robust multithreading. There is still a potential crash
when exiting with a pending dcc. (Henes)
- GUI: added Freenode/#AROS to the default server list. (Henes)
- GUI: listview causes less memory fragmentation. (Henes)
- GUI: added Freenode/#MorphOS to the default server list. Removed the Arcnet
channel. (Henes)
- Rexx: fixed a read from zero in RX_GETLINE. (Henes)
- GUI: removed Textinput gadget usage in about window. Fixed a background problem. (Henes)

- Plugin: fixed negative priority handling as reported by Tom. (Henes)
- General: AmIRC does not require a key anymore. (Henes)
- Net: updated CTCP SOURCE URL. (Henes)

- General: disabled vapor_update.library remnant (Piru)
- GUI: worked around a MUI 3.8 bug. (Henes)

- GUI: fixed an old crash triggered by some compiler option. 68k only. (Henes)

- DCC: added turbo DCC send support. (Piru)
- GUI: added a Default to Conference Mode option (in Setup->GUI->Channels). (jDc)
- DCC: fixed DCC RESUME when AmIRC is sending. (Piru)
- GUI: updated default server list. (Henes)
- DCC: added option to convert spaces in file names to underscore, or to quote
the filename (as supported by most modern clients). (Piru)
- DCC: fixed resuming when the file name is quoted. (Piru)
- DCC: added support for passive send/chat/schat (dcc xxx -passive nick ...). (Piru)
- DCC: added DCC TSEND (turbo), DCC PSEND (passive) and DCC PCHAT (passive)
aliases. (Piru)
- General: fixed a potential race condition starting the built-in IdentD. (Piru)
- Net: added transparent UPnP port forwarding (enabled by default). It is used
for both DCC and the built-in IdentD. (Piru)
- General: Restored the ability to load a key file. If valid key file is
present the owner is displayed in the About window. Also the serial number
is displayed in the CTCP VERSION reply. (Piru)
- General: fixed numerous buffer overflows. Also fixed numerous crashes when
low on resources. (Henes & Piru)
- Net: updated netsplit detection code, it should work much better now. (Piru)
- GUI: fixed marked text defaulting to black on black. (Piru)
- GUI: changed default marked text background to MUI fill pen. Also changed
default background to MUI halfshine pen. (Piru)
- Input: filtered Insert/PageUp/PageDown/ScrollLock/PrintScreen/NumLock/Pause
out. (jDc)
- DCC: fixed negative completion time estimate in certain conditions. (Piru)

- DCC: fixed a crash on drag & drop of a file on a query window. This was
introduced in v3.6. (Henes)
- GUI: Added UseNLists (UNL). UseOldStyleLists (UOSL) is now ignored. MUI lists
are now the default. (Henes)

- DCC: fixed IP address being used for DCC SEND/CHAT with certain
network configurations. (Piru)
- Net: UPnP code didn't properly release the bsdsocket.library base in some
error code paths. (Piru)

- GUI: updated default server list. (Henes)
- GUI: added yyyymmdd timestamp feature. (Henes)
- DCC: fixed buffer overflows when resolving IP. (Henes)
- Net: added SSL support. To enable it, add a + before the server port
(i.e. /server host +6697), add the UseSSL argument/tooltype or use the GUI.
MorphOS only. (Henes)
- General: does not use vapor_toolkit.libray anymore. MorphOS only. (Henes)
- General: fixed a few bugs (Henes, Piru)

- GUI: updated default server list. (Henes)

- Net: use openssl3.library. MorphOS only. (Henes)

Upload Date:Mar 02 2023
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