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Description:A GUI to convert CD images
Short: A GUI to convert CD image
Author: papiosaur2@hotmail.fr (Yannick Buchy)
Type: file/convert
Version: 1.0
Requires: Hollywood plugin: RapaGUI
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Hello all,

This is a new small programm created with Hollywood: a GUI to convert CD image.

This interface uses bchunk command ported by BeWorld and nrg2iso command ported
by DJBase (need to be installed in the ImageCDConvert or c: drawers).

The interface makes it easy to convert CD images.

For the moment, some formats have been converted successfully:

- bin+cue -> iso (+ cdr audio tracks if present) with bchunk
- nrg -> iso with nrg2iso

Maybe other formats can be probably converted, if you know, please let
me know.

The interface uses the Hollywood RapaGUI external module.
Other GUI are under study (FFMPEG, file conversion, etc.).
You can contact me if you want a specific project.
If you use my GUI, don't hesitate to support my work ;-)

Thanks a lot to:
- MorphOS Team for MorphOS
- Andreas Falkenhahn for Hollywood and plugins
- Bernd Assenmacher for his code source to begin in Hollywood
- Beworld for his help
- jPV for his help
- MorphOS users for their encouragements ;-)


1.0 - first public release for MorphOS
Upload Date:Apr 26 2023
Size:1 MB
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