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Description:RNORadio is a GUI based internet radio player program for MP3 streams.
Short: Internet radio player
Uploader: jpv@morphos-user.com (jPV^RNO)
Author: jPV^RNO
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.4
Architecture: ppc-morphos


RNORadio is a GUI based internet radio player program for MP3 streams.
The actual streaming and playback is based on the CgmRadio program, but
RNORadio still works as a stand-alone program with no dependencies.


- Two GUI options: MUI or custom skin(s)
- Displays stream titles in real-time from the MP3 metadata
- Comprehensive station editor, with an option to load a station logo(s) from
a local drive or Internet (both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported)
- Supports multiple streams per station
- Can import streams from PLS, M3U, Extended M3U, and XSPF playlist files
- Has a Shoutcast search window
- Animation support for custom skin elements, and a station's logo
- Alpha transparency support for custom skins with images and animations
- Can display extra information from stations, but currently only intended to
display the "OneLiner" chat from Nectarine when using the MUI GUI
- Generate a web search from a streamed title/track
- ARexx, command line, and tooltypes support


- Copy the whole directory anywhere you want and just launch the program


The program should be quite straightforward to use, but here are some notes
about using it practically.

The Shoutcast search window can be opened from the Project menu or by using
the simultaneous keypress RCommand and o (RCmd+o) hotkey. When the Shoutcast
window/GUI opens enter search parameters in the search field or just leave
the search field empty and click search to list the top stations. Searches
can also be listed in ascending/descending order by clicking the column title.

Double-clicking a station, or selecting an item and clicking the Add button,
will add a selected station to the stations list.

If the Edit Stations window is not open the current station will switch to
the new station immediately, otherwise the new station won't get used until
the Edit Station window is closed with the Save or Use buttons.

Stations can be selected in a custom GUI by using the right mouse-button
pull-down/pop-up menu, or by left-clicking on a station/stream names in a
custom GUI (hidden menu option) to open the Select Streams window.

You can allocate up to 10 favourite Hotkeys for stations, by selecting the
Hotkey option when editing streams and choosing a used Hotkey. To use it,
press Right Command + (chosen number) to swap to that station.


RNORadio uses non-standard command line arguments. Arguments must be given
in the form of (note the "-" prefix): -argument parameter

Allowed arguments:
-autoplay . . . . . . - Starts playback automatically
-stream <url> . . . . - Adds a new stream at startup
-playlist <file> . . - Imports a playlist file at startup
-defdir <dir> . . . . - Sets the initial directory to open files
-cxkey <key> . . . . - Sets a global hotkey to iconify/un-iconify the program
-compositing <ON|OFF> - Forces compositing ON/OFF instead of auto-detecting it

RNORadio -playlist "Work:Stuff/tunein-station.pls"

The same arguments can be used as icon tooltypes, but by omitting the
"-" prefix.

CXKEY=ctrl alt r


Program's ARexx port is RNORADIO and supported commands are:

PLAY . . . . . . . . . . . . - Starts streaming
STOP . . . . . . . . . . . . - Stops streaming
TOGGLE . . . . . . . . . . . - Toggles between play and stop
STATION <n> . . . . . . . . - Selects a station, <n> is a number and the
first station is 0 (use GET STATIONS to see
the list of stations)
STREAM <n> . . . . . . . . . - Selects a stream
IMPORT <file> . . . . . . . - Imports a playlist file
ADD <url> . . . . . . . . . - Adds a stream as a new station
QUIT . . . . . . . . . . . . - Quits the program
GET <STATE|STATION|STATIONS| - Returns the requested information



Please read the RNORadio/Skins/About_skins.txt file for instructions.

If you create a cool skin, I'm happy to bundle it in the next version of the
program. So, please email the skin to me :)


Version 1.4:
- Fixed transparency issues that were introduced in the previous version
- Fixed compositing support detection (for hardware accelerated transparency)
- Added an option to force the hardware compositing On/Off manually
- Improved background rendering on GUI elements
- Removed wget dependency
- Minor tweaking

Version 1.3:
- Compiled with HW9 (fixes a plugin compatibility issue)
- Fixed pathless file arguments
- Updated default stations

Version 1.2:
- Added four new skins by Christophe 'Highlander' Delorme
- Added an option to generate a web search from a current stream title/track
- Added an option to display the current stream title in the screen title bar
- Tweaked the Shoutcast keyword handling
- Fixed bugs in the station list editing
- Skins can load TTF fonts from their own directories
- Added a bold option for fonts in skin configs
- Fixed some character issues
- Added a menu option to reset the window size using custom skins

Version 1.1:
- Added hotkeys for favourite stations
- Shoutcast search results can also be reverse sorted
- No longer asks twice if you want to replace a station
- Fixed some iconifying and commodity issues with the MUI GUI
- Changed the Shoutcast keyword handling to always use lowercase
- More verbose handling connection errors
- Less strict with characters in the MUI GUI
- Fine-tuned playlist importing


- Video presentation of the program: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=072idj0G_v0
- Please visit https://jpv.amigaaa.com/ for screenshots, support, donations,
and other software
- This program is made with Hollywood: http://www.hollywood-mal.com/
- Shoutcast Terms of Use: https://www.shoutcast.com/Legal/TermsOfUse


- Grzegorz 'krashan' Kraszewski and Michal 'rzookol' Zukowski for CgmRadio
and Reggae
- Konrad 'recedent' Czuba for the icon and Miglanc skin
- Christophe 'Highlander' Delorme for Flat skins
- Neil Pearson for testing and proof-reading


This software is made available to you as Freeware and you may use this
software in whatever way you wish, but the author accepts no liability for
any damage caused to your system or other connected peripherals by using
this software.
Upload Date:May 09 2023
Size:2 MB
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