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Description:Knights and Dragons - The Endless Quest 3.3 for OpenBOR
Knights and Dragons: The Endless Quest is a beat 'em up in the style of old tabletop games.
Thanks to the OpenBor engine and tons of material taken directly from Dungeons and Dragons,
it provides a role-playing experience very close to the greatest classics.

Players can choose between many character classes: warrior, priests, archers, dwarves and
thieves. One to four players can participate using 360 controllers and the keyboard.

Once you have chosen your characters, the adventure begins. Your characters start out with
a very limited amount of hit points, which you can increase as you level up. Be careful,
because at the beginning of the adventure, your characters can die after only one or two hits.

Just like in Dungeons and Dragons, you can choose which missions you want to play. There
are many different options, and each one will reward you greatly if you are able to complete
it. Of course, if your character dies, the game ends.

Once you complete Knights and Dragons, you'll gain access to additional game modes, with all
characters unlocked and some additional surprises.

Knights and Dragons: The Endless Quest is one of the best beat 'em ups based on the Dungeons
and Dragons franchise you'll find. It offers a dozen hours of classic action difficult enough
to give you a real challenge.

Upload Date:Aug 30 2022
Size:183 MB
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