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Developer/Porter:True Role Dreams
Silver Night�s Crusaders is a fantastic fan made Castlevania side-scrolling hack �n slash
arcade beat �em up adventure where a vampire, a vampire hunter and a witch fight their way
through a sprawling castle that�s corrupted by a mysterious relic.

In Silver Night�s Crusaders you can take control of three uniquely skilled heroes and fight
your way through a sprawling monster-infested castle. There are familiar enemies from
previous Castlevania games, but this isn�t a traditional Castlevania game. There�s no RPG
element or metroidvania style exploration � it�s a straight up arcade side-scrolling hack�n
slash adventure.

The three playable characters are Sheeba Faulkner the witch, Francis Bloodrose the vampire
and Ethan Graymont the vampire hunter. They all have their own unique fighting style and
weapons and special abilities. They also have their own reasons for conquering the castle
and they don�t always see eye to eye on their adventure.

It�s an extremely tough game with some brutally tough boss fights and lots of tricky
insta-death platforming sections, so you�ll either need some real skill or use of cheats
to see the final credits. It�s a lot of fun though and the level of polish is incredible,
with a fully fleshed out story, fantastic pixel art animation, well designed levels and
excellent audio design. It feels like it could be an official Konami product (if Konami
gave a damn about games anymore) and it�s a great take on the long running franchise.
Highly recommended.
Upload Date:Aug 10 2022
Size:229 MB
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