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Description:Guigfx MUI custom class v19.2.
Developer/Porter:Matthias Bethke
Short: Guigfx MUI custom class V19.2
Author: Matthias Bethke <Matthias.Bethke@gmx.net>
Type: dev/mui
Version: 19.2
Requires: MUI 3.8, guigfx.library, render.library
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Guigfx is a Custom Class for Magic User Interface � by Stefan Stuntz.
It is a subclass of areaclass.
Guigfx.mcc can display image files in any format datatypes.library
understands, guigfx.library image objects, bitmaps and Intuition images.
It supports color depths up to 24bit, transparency channels/masks and
various scaling modes including aspect correction.

This class uses image processing libraries � 1997/98 TEK neoscientists (not included!)
This class uses MCCLib.c by Kai Hofmann
This distribution installs through MCCInstall by Kai Hofmann
This distribution uses icons shamelessly ripped from AESIcons

Many thanks to all of you!

This readme ends here. :)

Upload Date:Mar 02 2017
Size:172 KB
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