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Description:HTMLview custom class for MUI, v13.4 by HTMLview.mcc Open Source Team.
Developer/Porter:Jens Langner
Short: HTMLview custom class for MUI, v13.4
Author: HTMLview.mcc Open Source Team
Uploader: Jens Langner <Jens Langner light-speed de>
Type: dev/mui
Version: 13.4
Replaces: dev/mui/MCC_TextEditor-12.6.lha
Requires: AmigaOS 3.0+ or MorphOS, MUI 3.8+, 68020+/PPC604e+
Architecture: ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0; m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.2

ABOUT HTMLview.mcc

HTMLview.mcc is a custom class for MUI which offers HTML viewing capabilities.
The class supports most of the HTML 4.0 standard as defined by W3C, it is
infact often more accurate than most browsers.

It is very well suited for mail programs or similar, which just wants to
display HTML fast, and the class really is fast, I have still not seen anything
like it :-)

Please note that the class should be regarded as a prototype. It is still
not finished are mature yet.

Its main features are:

* Incremental rendering of the page, using a seperate process for the
parsing, which allows the MUI application to be fully responsive while
chewing on a document.
* Progressive display of images for which a decoder module exists
(currently GIF / GIFAnim, JPEG & PNG)
* Text can be marked and copied to the clipboard.
* Allows searching in the document.
* Extensive HTML support, including floating tables with background images,
frames, forms etc.
* And, it's very fast...

Known "bugs":

* Text outside a <Body> ... </Body> pair is not shown. Thus those pages
which doesn't have such tags are simply rendered blank.
* Entities without an ending semi-colon are not interpreted. E.g. &amp must
be written as &amp; before HTMLview accepts it.
* The Floyd Steinberg dither has a tendency to append less diffusion to
edges, which can make tiled backgrounds look as if a line was drawn
between each tile.
* The datatype wrapper, for image decoding, only seems to work with the P96


HTMLview.mcc was originally written in 1995 and is Copyright (C) 1995-2000
by Allan Odgaard. As of version 13.4, released in December 2007, the gadget is
maintained and Copyright (C) 2005-2007 by the HTMLview.mcc Open Source Team.

HTMLview.mcc is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
(LGPL) and the development is hosted at SourceForge.net:


Please consult the included "COPYING" file for more detailed information
about the licensing of the gadget and its source code.


Please note that the v13 version of HTMLview.mcc is the first open source
version available. It is still largly untested and therefore may not work
as expected. We are currently working hard on getting HTMLview ready for
a larger crowd so that applications can use this class for providing
HTML viewing capabilities. But for now this v13 release is just meant to
be the first developer snapshot since the release of the sources under
an open source license.

In addition, please note that the v13 version of the mcc is currently only
available for AmigaOS4 and MorphOS. Versions for AmigaOS3 systems are to
be available later on. So for the moment the v12.6 version for 68k is
included due to backward compatibility reasons. Also the image decoders
are currently only available as m68k versions. We are currently
investigating the possibility to replace them or provide them as native
PowerPC versions.

Please refer to the included ChangeLog in the archive for a detailed information
on the changes since the last public release.

Upload Date:Jul 24 2023
Size:693 KB
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