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Description:Makes big ASCII Characters.
Developer/Porter:Oliver Hummel
Short: Makes big ASCII Characters
Author: Glenn Chappell, MorphOS Port blade_runner@gmx.li (Oliver Hummel)
Uploader: blade_runner@gmx.li (Oliver Hummel)
Version: 2.2.1
Type: text/misc
Architectur: ppc-morphos >= 1.4
Date: 2005/05/10

From the original Readme:

About FIGlet (Frank, Ian & Glenn's Letters) release 2.2.1, 13 July 2002
FIGlet is a program that creates large characters out of ordinary
screen characters
_ _ _ _ _ _
| (_) | _____ | |_| |__ (_)___
| | | |/ / _ \ | __| '_ \| / __|
| | | < __/ | |_| | | | \__ \_
|_|_|_|\_\___| \__|_| |_|_|___(_)

(This is meant to be viewed in a monospaced font.) FIGlet can create
characters in many different styles and can kern and "smush" these
characters together in various ways. FIGlet output is generally
reminiscent of the sort of "signatures" many people like to put at the
end of e-mail and UseNet messages.

If you like FIGlet (hey, even if you *hate* FIGlet), please send an
e-mail message to <info@figlet.org>

The official FIGlet web page: http://www.figlet.org/


This is a quick MorphOS Port, like the whirlgif Port it was just
typing "make" into the Shell ;-)
I also added a Amigastyle Version Tag. As I still have no clue how
to programm in C, please don`t blame me if something goes wrong.
Please Note, there was/is allready a Figlet Port done by Ali Akcaagac,
but he decided to not longer share his Ports through the Net. Therefore this
Source Code is included, feel free to make it better ;-)

Upload Date:Jul 29 2023
Size:303 KB
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