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Description:A Multimedia Player programmed with Hollywood by Templario.
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: V.A.M.P.
Version: 3.10
Kind: Multimedia Player
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: Hollywood plugins v10
Description: This multimedia player is programmed with Hollywood 10 and it is with part of source code from Andreas Falkenhahn examples to VideoPlayer and AnimPlayer.
Also this a little tool to test the video formats supported for Hollywood.

V.A.M.P. display the next multimedia formats currently:

* Amiga Anim formats: anim, anim5, ham6, ham8, yafa.
* MovieSetter movies format.
* Web animation formats: gif, apng.
* Show pictures: jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx.
webp with WarpDT datatypes.
* Video format support: cdxl, ogg Theora, avi, mov, mpeg, mpg, wmv, flv, mp4, DivX,
vob, m4v, 3gp.
NOTE: You remember, V.A.M.P. has limitations playing videos with big sizes playing
more slow.
* Video formats not support: mkv, webm, rmvb.
* Sound files: 8svx, 16svx, iff, aiff, wav, riff, wave, ogg, mp3, wma, flac.
* Mod music files: mod, med, dbm, hvl, s3m, xm, sid.
* Songs files: wav, ac3, mp3, ogg, m4a, wma.

Changes 3.10:

- Fixed the bug using the old plugin flicanim.hwp, now it uses the new flic.hwp.
- Added a new counter/decounter playing videos, songs, etc.

Changes 3.05:
- Fixed bug open movies with less of 100 frames, for example animations converted
to avi files with AnimWebConverter.
- Fixed the visual bug when you stopped the movie, before was showed a little frame
from the movie.

Changes 3.0:
- Compiled with the last Hollywood 10.0
- Removed the xmlparser plugin use.
- Removed the F1 key and the black full screen mode to avoid crashes.
- Play sid music files from Commodore 64.
- Play modules from Octamed, FastTracker II, med, xm and s3m files.
- Bug fixes.

Upload Date:Aug 05 2023
Size:2 MB
Last Comments
06 Aug 2023
La version de MorphOS utilisée n'est pas en cause. Le programme n'est pas optimisé, quelque soit la plateforme. Il ne tire pas parti de l'unité de traitement vectoriel Altivec, que ce soit avec un processeur g4 ou même un g5. Sur x86, 32 bits ou 64 bits ce n'est pas mieux. Néanmoins ce n'est pas la faute de l'auteur, c'est le langage Hollywood qui ne permet d'optimisation processeur.

The version of MorphOS used is not in question. The program is not optimized, whatever the platform. It doesn't take advantage of the Altivec vector processing unit, either with a processor g4 or even a g5. On x86, 32 bit or 64 bit it is not better. Nevertheless it is not the fault of the author, it is the Hollywood language which does not allow processor optimization.
05 Aug 2023
en fait morphos 3.18+tinygl ou autre n'est peut etre plus compatible car tester sur morphos3.17 par l'auteur
05 Aug 2023
j'ai un probleme de vitesse sur i mac g5 avec ce player