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Description:Blackjuan Poker Card
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: Blackjuan Poker Card
Version: 1.10
Kind: Card Games
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: charsets.library
Hollywood plugin zip.hws for extra decks
Game for: All
Description: Play in this virtual Casino in your Amiga system with this
blackjack clone and you try to win to Casino's bank.

This game was started in 2012 and now after of 10 years I
finished it. The circle is closing.

Usage with these keyboard keys:
ESC: Quit the game or exit of the play.
Space Bar: Hide/Minimize the game.
1: Play with the base deck.

WARNING: The full window mode crashed the PowerBook G4 for
it special screen size, this isdue for external problems.

You can play with dozens of decks of cards or you can make
your own deck with the SDK included with this game.
To download extra decks you can visit the support site:

Available in these languages:
English. Spanish.

- 1.10
- Bug fixed.
- Fixed the "Jugada Fantasma", where the CPU takes the
control and only it plays and win.
- Little visual improvements like the Card Box.

- 1.00
- Initial realesed.

Upload Date:Aug 15 2023
Size:4 MB
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