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Description:Screenshot Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS 2.0+
Developer/Porter:Matthias Böcker
Short: Screenshot Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS 2.0+
Author: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Uploader: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Version: V1.3
Type: util/wb
Requires: MorphOS 2.0
Website: http://amigazeux.net

Screenshot.sbar is a Screengrabber residing in the screens titlebar. Besides being
able to grab entire screens, Screenshot.sbar can grab single Windows, multiple Windows,
freely selectable rectangle areas, even areas simply drawn with the mouse and much more.

- Can grab windows, entire screens or just a freely selectable portion of the screen

- Can grab windows including their skin shadows

- Can grab the Mouse Pointer too

- Can overlay a watermark image over taken screenshots

- Can superimpose an editable text over taken screenshots

- Freely setable Grab-Delay

- Nice fluidly animated countdown window

- Sounds for countdown and grabbing

- Iris Animation when grabbing

- Can run a script after grabbing is done

- Comes with a built in paint program to:
- Easily blur out, obfusciate or highlight texts and areas of the image
- Offers a nice symmetry tool known for example from Deluxe Paint
- Can draw arrows pointing at different things which is cool too!

MorphOS 2.0 or higher

V1.3 (14.03.2021)
- Fixed a use-after-free bug in library code that could cause all kinds of problems. A big Thank You to Thomas Igracki for fixing and proving the multilibrary ecx module!
- TestPaint has been removed from the distribution for the time being since it's in no releaseable state.
- Preview paint program got some bug fixes, optimizations aswell as a couple of new features like in-place zooming (try mouse wheel). Full list of changes will be available once TestPaint is ready for release again.
- Fixed a bug with the Watermark/Text Positioning buttons in Prefs that lead to deadlocks when one of the 9 buttons was pressed twice consecutively (selected -> unselected).
- Added a savety requester when quitting preview image editing without saving.
- Notification requester after grabbing can now be configured to either show up always or on errors only. Timeout and fade speed can be set aswell. (Christoph Pölzl)

V1.3 BETA 2 (25.07.2020)
Changes to paint class:
- Disabled locale support in paint class for now.
- Mouse pointer changed to aiming in zoomwindow.
- Continues drawing when the mouse pointer leaves the zoom window now.
- Further optimized geometry code.
- Interpolation for scaling brushes can now be changed from the brush window.
- Added pattern drawing mode aka Line Styles which work with all tools (except fill). Can be found in brush window. There is no pattern editor yet. Line Styles are read from configs/Default.linepatterns which can be easily modified with a text editor if you need more patterns.
- Added an option to auto crop brushes (brush window).
- It's now possible to only draw the outlines of arrows. Clicking the Arrow button will toggle between filled and outline draw modes.
- Arrows are now drawn with current brush/shape.
- Added text creation tool that supports background colour and text shadows.
- Added buttons to set some default pen sizes quickly and/or to incementally inc/decrease their size.

V1.3 BETA 1 (02.05.2020)
- Destination alpha is now kept when using Solid drawmode with alpha-level set to smaller than 255.
- Fixed a memory leak with polygon fills which could eat up all your memory in seconds
- Removed internal size limit for polygon fills. (Christoph Pölzl)
- Notification requester after grabbing can now be configured to either show up always or on errors only. Timeout and fade speed can be set aswell. (Christoph Pölzl)

V1.21 (16.04.2020)
- TestPaint: Display optimizations of V1.2 had an off-by-one bug causing all kinds of crashes when drawing supposedly outside the canvas.

V1.2 (15.04.2020)
- Fixed a nasty bug that made the task responsible for grabbing ("Snapper.<n>") crash on saving an image when two or more screens were open and one got closed.
- The iris effect didn't fill the whole screen when it came close to screen borders. Fixed.
- Mouse pointer opacity wasn't calculated at all. Fixed.
- TestPaint: Added another mode to arrows that also draw an arrow head at the start of the arrow, so the arrow points to two directions.
- TestPaint: Optimized redraw of paint object.
- TestPaint: Sped up symmetry tool calculations by a factor of three brazillion.
- TestPaint: Repeat last draw op (the Recycle-Button) didn't really work. Fixed.
- TestPaint: Fixed offset of the cursor when zoom window was open and the zoomed area became smaller than the window.
- TestPaint: The window can be sized larger than the actual image now.

For a complete list of changes please see the included Screenshot_sbar.guide.

Thanks to:
Wouter van Oortmerssen for AmigaE

Leif Salomonsson for ECX

MorphOS-Team for MorphOS

Everybody from #amigazeux for still being there :-)

In case you like this software or simply want to honor the time and effort put
into developing it please consider donating some money to #amigazeux at:


It is highly appreciated. Many thanks!

IF you want to contact the author please write an email to amigazeux@gmx.net or visit
irc.amigazeux.de channel: #amigazeux

-- #amigazeux

Upload Date:Mar 14 2021
Size:487 KB
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