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Description:A screenbar clock and calendar for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Matthias Böcker
Short: Screenbar clock and calendar for MorphOS
Author: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" B�cker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Uploader: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" B�cker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Version: V1.4
Type: util/wb
Requires: MorphOS 2.0
Website: http://amigazeux.net

What is it?
DateTime is a Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS. It's meant to replace the MorphOS internal
Screenbar Clock.

DateTime has all the features the default Screenbar Clock offers. Additionally it
brings up an animated calendar and analog clock when clicked. Its appearance is fully

Double-Click the Install icon and DateTime_sbar will be installed to your system.

For manual installation simply copy the contents of the "Copy_To_Sys" drawer to your SYS:
Enter in a Shell: copy ram:DateTime_sbar/Copy_To_Sys/#? to SYS: ALL

Now click with the right mouse button on the screen depth gadget to open its context
menu, go to "Modules" and select "Refresh". DateTime should now appear in the Screen
title bar. If it does not appear open the context menu again, and go to "Modules" again
and select DateTime from the modules shown there.

Open the context menu of the screen depth gadget and select the "Settings ..." menu
item. Select DateTime from the list in the window that just opened to configure this

V1.4 (23.01.2021)
- Fixed a use-after-free bug in library code that could cause all kinds of problems. A big Thank You to Thomas Igracki for fixing and proving the multilibrary ecx module!
- Added help bubbles to all prefs gadgets.
- Prefs image/object handling was wrong and could lead to crashes. Fixed.

V1.3 (26.12.2018)
- Label was overwritten with text if text was centered or right aligned. Fixed.
- Switching between Months/Years/Decades could lead to window size changes and resulted in graphical artifacts on the left side if using transition animations.
- Catalogs were copied to just locale:[language] and not locale:catalogs/. Fixed. You may want to delete the wrongly copied catalogs.
- Added french translation by Philippe 'OffseT' Rimauro.
- Prefs image/object handling was wrong and could lead to crashes. Fixed.

V1.2 (30.11.2018)
- The label now gets properly scaled down respecting configured top/bottom spacing. (jPV)

V1.1 (27.11.2018)
- When day changed, 'today' marker in calendar didn't change if it was displayed. Fixed.

V1.0 (27.11.2018)
Initial release

Thanks to:
- Leif Salomonsson for ECX :-)

- MorphOS-Team for MorphOS :-)

- Philippe 'OffseT' Rimauro for the french translation.

-- #amigazeux

Upload Date:Jan 23 2021
Size:150 KB
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