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Description:Show weather infos in screenbar.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Igracki
Short: Show weather infos in screenbar
Author: Thomas@Igracki.de (Thomas Igracki)
Uploader: Thomas Igracki de (Thomas Igracki)
Type: comm/misc
Version: 1.22
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Kurz: Zeige Wetterinfos in der Screenbar

This sbar module, shows the current weather informations for a selected

Here is a preview, how it looks like http://igracki.de/previews/yWeather.png

You will see a small image representing the current weather condition, the
temperature and a text.
I use the weather information from OpenWeatherMap.org.

If you move the mouse over the sbar and wait some seconds, a bubble pops
up, showing all available weather informations.

If you click with the left mousebutton on it, a popup menu will be opened
to manually get new weather infos or checking for an update.

Since v1.19, yWeather will check 30 secs after the first sucessfull weather
update, if there is an update available.

You can change the location in the Screenbar-Settings (right click on the
screen-depth gadget, then choose "Settings"). Then click in
the City-ID string gadget and enter your location, f.e. "Berlin,DE".
After a successfull retrieving of weather infos, the ID is used!

The default location is Berlin.

You can also change the unit of the temperature to Celsius, Fahrenheit or
Kelvin, if you want the wind speed in m/s, the text color, the text format
and the update rate how often the weather informations should be trieved
(in seconds).

The all-info-bubble does not pop up if you didn't have "Mouse actions on
inactive windows" checked in Prefs/IControl!
Thanks to Nicolas Sallin for finding this.

!!! Important !!! Important !!! Important !!! Important !!! Important !!!
Since v1.13 yWeather needs its weather-icons in "Sys:Data/Screenbar/yWeather/"
instead of "Sys:Data/yWeather/" like in previous versions!
!!! Important !!! Important !!! Important !!! Important !!! Important !!!

New in v1.22:

Fix: Recompiled with a new ECX library module code, which fixes a use-after-free bug

New in v1.21:

Fix: Added a workaround for a ParseDate() bug with single day number, f.e "Mon Mar 4 14:02:22 2019"
can only be parsed if I remove the double spaces before the "4"!
Chg: Displaying of "precipitation" in the All-Info-Bubble wasn't correct, because it seems to be not fully
supported/available, its now "<rain|snow|...|n/a> [<value>mm] [<1h|3h|...>]"
Fix: the sunrise, sunset and lastupdate date/times are now converted to your local date/time
Chg: sunrise and sunset times are now displayed in one line instead of two lines (in the all-info-bubble)
Chg: Now a popup-menu will be opened if you press the left mousebutton over its sbar
There you can choose to get the weather infos, open the weather forecast (not yet) or check for an update
Chg: My sbar was drawn every second, instead only if needed
Chg: Check for an update after downloading of weather infos failed 5 times and the sbar was deactivated
before it only checked for an update if getting of weather infos succeeded

New in v1.20:

10-Jan-2019, v1.20, released
Rem: Removed the forecast, will be added later
New: Added a Language cycle gadget in the prefs to get the weather data in a specific language
Chg: Setting up your location in the prefs changed
Chg: Changed the layout of the all-info-bubble a bit, f.e. the titles are now bold

New: added precipitation and cloudiness to the All-Info-Bubble
New: Convert the WindName, CondText and Cloudiness from UTF8 to system charset

New: Added Kelvin as temperature unit in prefs/misc
Rem: Distance unit is now always meter
Rem: Removed WindChill, because OpenWeatherMap doesn't have support for it
Rem: Removed support for country name, because OpenWeatherMap doesn't have support the country name, only an abbreviation
Rem: Removed "Atmospere/State" value, because OpenWeatherMap doesn't have support for it
Chg: "%w" was Wind Chill and is now "Wind name"

Chg: Changed name of the sbar to Your!Weather because I'm now using a different weather providing service (currently OpenWeatherMap)
Chg: Changed some msgs which contained "Yahoo" to "WeatherService"
prefsMsgSendingQuery, prefsMsgFailedToConnect, msgWeatherServiceError (prev. msgYahooError)

New in v1.19:

25-Dez-2016, v1.19, released
Fix: If yWeather failed to retrieve the weather informations, after it once was successfull,
the error informations weren't shown in the bubble, instead the "old" weather data were shown

Chg: Reverted the feature to additionally display the clock
I will write a new sbar (xInfo.sbar) which will be able to display misc system infos:
like clock, sensors (like CPU temp etc), number of windows/screens etc
Chg: If yWeather failed to retrieve the weather informations, because you are offline, or because of
a connection problem with yahoo, the all-info-bubble contains information about the error codes
Fix: If the first weather update failed (after 5 retries), new opened screen showed "Updating..." forever
Fix: The all-info-bubble could show "old" weather data
New: The "New Version" bubble now appears on all opened screens!

Fix: The UpdateCheck requester doesn't blocks the PublicScreenManager anymore
Fix: Ensure that the weather-update isn't called too often
Chg: Changed the UpdateCheck at startup, now there will be only a bubble displayed, and a short notice
in the instant bubble
Fix: It could happen that the weather data were redownloaded if a new screen opens

New: There is now a format string for the complete string (with %w = weather info, %c = clock)
and an own format string for the weather info and the clock
New: You can have different colors for the weather info and the clock

New: Added the possibility to display date and time, just specify a "%Z" in the "Text Format:" setting
New: Added a "Clock Format:" setting
Fix: The All-Info-Bubble could stay opened, if you deactivate yWeather.sbar while its displayed

Chg: Changed the UpdateCheck method, I'm now using a php script to check for an update
New: 30secs after the first successfull weather update, an UpdateCheck will be performed
New in v1.18:
Fix: Fixed a bug in ECX's library generation code, which causes a crash if my sbar fails to open
on first opening
Fix: Fixed some warning messages
Chg: Removed the bsdsocket.library check, it shouldn't be needed

Fix: Clicking on "Visit homepage" in the UpdateCheck requester, could produce hits, because I used
SystemTagList() with SYS_Asynch,TRUE but without specifying SYS_Input/SYS_Output, shame on me;)
But for an sbar obj this didn't causes hit, because Input/Output were NIL

05-Sep-16: v1.17, internal
Chg: Before first weather-info-download of the first sbar instance, I check if the bsdsocket.library
can be opened, if not (means network is not ready) I delay the download call by 1 second, seems
to help on boot if the network availability is delayed
[reported by cyfm, 03-Sep-16]
New in v1.16
Fix: The saved temperature unit wasn't used at startup, if it was set to F
[reported by redrumloa, 17-Apr-16]
New in v1.15:
Chg: The temp. in Celsius are now displayed with 1 digit after the comma
Yahoo sends them in Fahrenheit, so I can display them more precisely;)
Fix: Changing temp. unit (and color) in the sbar prefs, crashes the sbar
Fix: If using multiple screens, the text wasn't always the same
Chg: added a countdown for the failing msgs
Chg: due to the countdown: msgUpdatingFailed, msgOffline, msgYahooError changed
Fix: If you remove my sbar while I'm waiting for yahoo, the whole sbar could crash (hopefully fixed...)

New in v1.14:
Fix: Wind-speed was always 0.00
[reported by jPV, 29-Mar-16]
Fix: the units for wind speed, chill, visibility and pressure were missing
New: added the version of yWeather.sbar in the all-info-bubble
New in v1.13:
Chg: Display "Update check..." in the sbar, if you press middle mouse button
Chg: The required icons are now located in Sys:Data/Screenbar/yWeather/ instead
of Sys:Data/yWeather/
New: Added a simple installation script
New in v1.12:
Chg: Don't eat RMB over my sbar

Fix: Crash if you remove the sbar while trying to download weather infos

Chg: add the inputhandler after first successful download

Chg: if downloading of weather infos failed, try again after 10 seconds,
if it fails 5 times in a row, deactivate auto-update!
You have to left click on the sbar to activate it again!
Offline will be recognized and displayed

New: Recognize if yahoo sends no weather data, then "Yahoo error!" will be displayed

Fix: don't show the all-info-bubble, if there was no successful download!

Chg: If the conversion of the yahoo date failed, display the original date instead the localized22 in the bubble
Dates like this "Mon, 28 Mar 2016 12:00 AM CEST" fail, because of the "12:xx AM"

New: New strings to localize: msgDeactivated, msgOffline, msgYahooError


1) copy contents of "SYS" to SYS:
These are the icons for the weather conditions.
I used VClouds from http://vclouds.deviantart.com/ and resized them
to 16 pixels height with ShowGirls.

You can replace them with your own images.

2) if you want to have localized text, copy the appropriate catalog
f.e for german text:
copy catalogs/deutsch/yWeather.catalog to SYS:Locale/Catalogs/deutsch/

3) Now you have to update the displayed sbars:
- right click on the screen-depth icon (upper right corner of the screen)
- choose 'Update List'
- then select the new entry "Yahoo!Weather" in this screen-depth-menu

Upload Date:Jan 04 2021
Size:229 KB
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