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Description:All sbars visible on AutoScroll screens
Developer/Porter:Thomas Igracki
Short: All sbars visible on AutoScroll screens
Author: Thomas@Igracki.de (Thomas Igracki)
Uploader: Thomas Igracki de (Thomas Igracki)
Type: util/wb
Version: 1.3
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Kurz: Alle sbars sehen bei AutoScroll Screens

If you are using an AutoScroll screen (where the real width of the screen
is greater than the visible width) and it annoyed you that not all sbar
modules, especially the clock;) are visible if you are "working" on the
left side of the screen, then you should use my new screenbar module!

If the "left" side of such a screen is visible, then some of the screenbar
modules aren't visible in the titlebar because they are adjusted to the
right and therefore (partially) in the invisible area.

AutoVisible.sbar adds an extra empty space (depending on the position of
the screen) to the titlebar, to have all your sbar modules in the visible
Well, only if you are not having that many modules, that they don't fit
into the visible area;)

The screen can be moved if you have the ctrl key pressed while you move the

After the first start, you should move this sbar module to the far right


Just copy the contents (its only the sbar module) of the "SYS" directory to
your SYS: partition and select "Refresh" from the screen depth-gadget menu
or reboot.
Or execute/doubleclick the "Install" file.

03-Jan-2021: v1.3
- Recompiled with a new ECX library module code, which fixes a use-after-free bug

19-Nov-2017: v1.2
- don't disable the screen blanker anymore, I thought the mouse blanker
would be disabled too, but there is no way to disable the mouse blanker..
- don't eat mouseclicks events while ctrl is pressed on autoscroll screens
so ctrl-leftclick to hide a window is still possible
- remember the window where I changed the mouse-pointer, sometimes the
mouse-pointer stays to POINTERTYPE_MOVE
- don't eat the mouse move events, fixes the "jump-back", if the mouse is
at the far right in the autoscroll area and you move the screen to the
left, also the makes the mouse pointer visible while dragging

25-Mar-2017: v1.1
- move the screen with ctrl-key pressed while you move the mouse!

17-Mar-2017: v1.0, released
- added a help bubble, stating that you should move this sbar to the far
right position

- only add the InputHandler if AutoScroll is in use (real width is bigger
than visible width)

28-Feb-2017: first version, not released

Upload Date:Jan 04 2021
Size:10 KB
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