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Description:Green Glass Revenge skin for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Paolo Russo
Short: Green Glass Revenge skin for MorphOS
Author: Jambalah (Paolo Russo) geepney@hotmail.it
Version: 2.0
Date: 21/04/2010
Requires: MorphOS 2.x, enhanced display for transparency effect.

After a while, I made a skin sequel: Green Glass skin come back with a total restyle!
Well, after all... I guess with a totally new style... =)
I drawn this skin thinking about frames dimensions: how to realise them without overcome 24 pixels
and with transparent effect? I guess I did it... ;)
I even decided not to draw horizontal and vertical knob bars because I would have lost the background effect
switching from an active window to a not-active one. I thought was a good effect, as the left and upper glass borders
that illuminate when you select a window. And this makes title window more readable... ;)
And I hope you'll like it as the first one!


As always copy skin drawer in your SYS:Prefs/skins. Sorry men, but no MUI prefs...
Due to an unsolved problem that still causes errors in my system when I save MUI prefs, I sadly
decided not to include any kind of prefs =(
I added an extra folder called "Extra" in wich you will find the pattern I used for buttons, alternative
menu background (wider than the other), window background to use in Ambient prefs and three MenuTitlebar pattern.
Each one with own size: 1152x24, 1280x24 and 1680x24. Choose one of those and put in "24" folder to have the
right size according to your screen.

Skin is freely usable, modifiable, redistributable.
Feedback, opinions, questions, women (no granma, please!), billions and whatelse are welcome =)
Watermelon background is copyright of Samatar and it can be found on www.caedes.net
I want to thank everybody for patience and aesthetic taste that push them to choose my scribbles!!! XD

May the force be with you!

Upload Date:Apr 23 2010
Size:1 MB
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