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Description:A simple digital clock that uses MorphOS' intuition transparency features.
Developer/Porter:Jacek Piszczek

TranspoClock 1.07 � 2003-2004 Jacek Piszczek


1. What's THAT ??

TranspoClock is a simple digital clock that uses MorphOS' intuition transparency
features. In other words parts of clock window not covered by digits are totaly

Since v1.0 TranspoClock features a simple yet powerful reminder!!!

TranspoClock is FREEWARE. The author takes no responsibility for any problems or
data loss caused by this application. Use at your own risk!

You may freely spread this archive as long as it's contents remains unchanged.

2. Who is responsible for this mess?

TranspoClock was written by Jacek Piszczek. The included gfx was done by
Nicholas Szalski (Ocinel), Andre Siegel (Jobbo) and Grzegorz Kraszewski

1.06 - updated gfx sets by Blaster (Bubble, ClassicLCD, GraphikStyle)

1.05 - added a gfx set BinaryRiot by tokai
and WhiteBubble & WhiteGraphikStyle by Blaster

1.02 - added a new gfx set Iso3D by Jupp3 (jpjokela@surfeu.fi)

To contact me please write to: jacadcaps@poczta.onet.pl

3. What do I need to run TranspoClock?

o a Pegasos
o MorphOS 1.4 (or newer - TranspoClock will complain about old versions of
some libraries with 1.4, just ignore that)
o get9.library (included in archive, nice to have but not required,
check http://www.christianrosentreter.com/releases/ for future versions)

4. How do I use this thing?

You don't have to use shell to launch TranspoClock anymore - just drop it's
icon to Ambient's WBStartup directory!


After you move TranspoClock to WBStartup it may NOT open it's window -
you need to fix the path to GFX dir 1st. Prefs window will open automaticaly.


LEFT/N - horizontal position of clock window on screen

TOP/N - vertical position of clock window on screen

FRONT/N - makes window stay on top of other windows (MOS1.5+ only)

BACKDROP/N - creates a backdrop window

DRAGGAD/N - makes the window draggable

QUIET/N - stops welcome messages (only error messages will appear, if any)

Transpoclock quiet draggad left=1000

NOTE: the reminder feature is always DISABLED when you launch TranspoClock from shell!

5. How to edit preferences?

Doubleclick the TranspoClock with right mouse button or go to Ambient menu -> Utilities
-> Exchange, find TrasnpoClock and hit "Show interface". The prefs will be saved as
tooltypes in TrasnpoClock .info file.

6. Is it possible to replace included gfx with my custom gfx?

Sure, the only limit is that the HEIGHT of all pictures MUST be the same
and WIDTH of all digits MUST be the same (separator image can have a different

Transparent areas are indicated with pink color (values from 0xF800F8 to 0xFF00FF).

7. I hate TranspoClock! How to turn the damn thing off?

You can use Ambient Exchange or quit it from Prefs or use TaskManager and send
it a Ctrl-C (Break C)

8. Why is there no seconds display?

Because I don't need that and refreshing transparent regions all the time
eats too much CPU. Don't ask for this.

9. What does "The bug is in the app!" mean?

No, it's nothing to be afraid of, just a silly joke :)

10. Future versions?

Sure. If you have any ideas just send me an email :)

11. What changed between 0.30 and current version?

- Fixed some nasty zeropage read hits
- Cleanups in class creation/deletion stuff

- Built on 1.04 src, I lost 1.05 :)
- Fixed monthly event repeat breaking on nov->dec change (resulted in month = 0),
loads broken event files correctly
- Added reload events button
- No more get9.library :)

- Displays current date if you hold the mouse ptr over the main window
(suggested by RybciaDcaps)

- Configurable memory colors, autoupdates window pos in prefs
(both suggested by tokai)

- Added fancy memory usage bar
- If one edited currently displayed event the event window wouldn't go away

- If one removed currently displayed event the event window wouldn't go away
- "Remind me in x minutes" buttons in requesters take seconds into account
- Added gfx by Jupp3

- Fixed hotkeys init (weren't initialised on startup)

- Public release
- Added hotkeys
- Added execute func stuff

- Added reminder (eventserver)
- Event prefs and classes
- Event loader/saver
- Event display stuff
- Fixed most bugs in stuff above ;)


- Added gfx by Krashan
- Doesn't keep MUIMaster open all the time


- Added 12H clock option
- Added commodities support
- Added MUI prefs
- Added WBStart support
- Added gfxpath support
- Some optims in transparency generation routine
- General source cleanup :)
- Icons and another gfx set by Jobbo (Andre Siegel)

------------------------------- HAVE FUN ! :)

TranspoClock and this doc were written using GoldED AIX (http://golded.dietmar-eilert.de/).
Support Pegasos & MorphOS by registering software!

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