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Description:Simply Black Skin.
Developer/Porter:Paolo Russo
Short: Simply Black Skin
Author: Jambalah (Paolo Russo) geepney@hotmail.it
Version: 1.0
Date: 22/12/2009
Requires: MorphOS 2.x, enhanced display for little transparency effect and shadow.

I start to draw this skin just trying.. as I often do when I'm searching for an idea..
And the result is this skin. I wanted to do something really simple, using the basical settings of the
skin itself. Yes, I've drawn the top parts and the buttons but I tried to make them as simple as I could.
Then I discovered that naming a pattern as "WindowBackground" (active or not) made the left, right and bottom
border use that pattern. Wow! Why not to use this feature? So you can see tha gradient effect in the bottom of
th window =) There is an alternative pattern for the window, too! So if you like...
The MUI prefs made me work a little more, due to fine-tuning the colors for a right effect. Howewer, you could
find some programs looking ugly with this MUI configuration (f.e. SimpleMail, SabreMSN). The best way to solve
this problem is set the MUI prefs for those programs, remembering that programs using "TheBar" MUI class are the
most affected by this issue (dark characters on dark background) and even though I tried to regulate this
I couldn't solve it till I made the background brighter.


Copy the skin drawer in your SYS:Prefs/skins and MUI prefs in the SYS:Prefs/Presets/MUI directory.


This skin is freely redistributable.
And for suggestion and/or problems, critics or whatelse mail me.
The background you see in my preview is titled Quite Night and is copyright of Valstudio.
You can find those and other beautiful artistic operas at http://www.caedes.net

I wish you a real joyful Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

Upload Date:Dec 20 2016
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