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Description:Thumbnail viewer for PicShow.
Developer/Porter:Thomas Rapp
Short: Thumbnail viewer for PicShow
Uploader: thomas-rapp@web.de (Thomas Rapp)
Type: gfx/show
Version: 7.253

It will show all pictures in a directory as thumbnails. A double click on a
thumbnail will start a utility (e.g. PicShow). There are functions to rename,
copy or move picture files.

Get the latest beta version from http://picshow.ch.to


Copy the executable to the same directory as PicShow. Please note that
"Thumb" is only a stub program. You also need the actual processor version
"Thumb.???", where ??? is 000, elf, wos, mos or os4.

Thumb can be called from Workbench or Shell. You can set these parameters
in the Shell or in the icon's tooltypes:

PATH path to the directory that should be displayed. Default is the
current directory.

UTILITY command line to execute on a double click. Use %s as a placeholder
for the picture name. Usualy the name should be enclosed in
quotation marks. Default is PicShow.

PUBSCREEN name of the pubscreen. Default is Workbench.

ALL Include subdirectories recursively

QUIT Make Thumb quit when a picture is doubleclicked.

REQUEST Open a path requester.

LISTPARM Name of the switch which makes the viewer utility treat the file
name as a picture list instead of a single picture. This string
is appended to the end of the UTILITY command line. Default is

THUMBW Width of the thumbnails. Default is 100.

THUMBH Height of the thumbnails including the description text. Default
is 100.

DIRPRI Priority of the directory reading task. Default is -5.

THUMBPRI Priority of the thumbnail creation task. Default is -5.

To start Thumb from PicShow add a line like this to PicShow.keys:

F3 = SHELL run thumb "%p"


- you have to use run, otherwise PicShow will freeze until Thumb is

- if Thumb or PicShow is not in the DOS path, you have to specify the
absolute directory. Example:

F3 = SHELL run sys:utilities/Thumb "%p" sys:utilities/PicShow

Upload Date:Mar 19 2017
Size:78 KB
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