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Description:Giddy-3 1.5 with sources, quick port by BeWorld.
======================== Legal Stuff ========================

Giddy 3: Reasonably Special Edition is subject to GPLv2 as
of v1.5.


Design, Graphics, and Sound: Phil Ruston
Programming: Peter Gordon

The music modules used within the game were taken from the
public domain. Full credit to their original authors:

Area1 - Jogeir Liljedahl. Area2 - Sami Saarnio.
Area3-5 / Completion - Daniel Johansson. Title tune - Lee Bevan.

You run this game at your own risk - no responsibility for
any damage to hardware or software can be taken by the author.


To run in a correct and proper manner, Giddy3 Requires:

* A reasonably modern computer
* A supported operating system
- Windows: 2000 or newer
- Amiga: OS4.1 or newer
- Or other supported OS
* 1 Human game player with crossed fingers :)


Installing: Simply unzip / drag the Giddy3 folder to anywhere on
your harddrive. Run the game by clicking on the Giddy3.exe file in
that folder.


*** The Game ***

Oh no! The world is under attack from robot stompers from beyond the
clouds. As Giddy - the No.1 egg-shaped super hero with unfeasibly large
hands - its up to you to save the day! Apparently, this involves
exploring some oddly connected scenes populated by wibbly characters
to find items that when used correctly, make things happen (generally
toward said "saving the day" objective).


Trundle about the place avoiding the enemies, if you wander past
something interesting, a flashing lightbulb will appear - you can
then press the "Clue" key for some advice if you need it. If you've
collected something that you think is appropriate for the situation,
press the "Inventory" key and cycle through the stuff you're
carrying ("left" and "right"), then press either "Jump" or
"Inventory" again to try it out. Remember you have to be near
enough to the problem (look for the aforementioned lightbulb) for
an item to work, if indeed its going to.

As well as puzzle-solving objects, items of energy-replenishing food
are dotted about the game, which can be useful as the wildlife can be
none too friendly (you cant kill 'em - what d'ya think this is,
Resident Evil?:) As you may notice, your energy level is depicted by
stars next to Giddy in the top-left area of the screen.

Redefinable game Keys:
Q: Move Left - W: Move Right - P: Jump - Enter: Clue - Space: Inventory

Fixed game keys:
F11 or DEL: Toggles music on/off
F12: Toggles pause mode.
ESC: Quit

Any secrets?
Yep! Namely extra lives. Find them do!

Frequently asked questions

Q. What, no save game option?
A. We didnt have save game options when I were a lad.

Q. Its too hard innit?
A. Quite a few people say this at first but eventually come to agree
that its about right. Some tips: Guard every energy point you
have and dont go blundering into things. Learn the optimum
route to take - dont go anywhere where you dont need to UNTIL
you need to. Look out for hidden extra lives (places you can
reach that you might not think you can etc).

Q. I'm really stuck!
A. Well there are no situations you can get into that renders the
game impossible to complete. PS: You can
enter the Tardis without any special objects, just jump in
the door is open :)

Q. Can I make a Giddy3 icon on my Windows desktop?
A. Funny you should ask that. Right click on said desktop, select
"New Shortcut", locate the Giddy3.exe using "Browse", give
it a friendly name (I suggest "Giddy3":) and then select the
icon provided.

Q. What happened to Giddy1 and 2?
A. They were released on the Amiga home computer in the early 1990's
(You can get them free from my website to run under an Amiga
emulator on the PC).

Q. What language is Giddy3 written in?
A. The special edition is written in C. Pete had to do it because
Phil only likes assembler!

Q. Why doesn't it go fullscreen when I tell it to?!??!
A. If yer on Windows, quit and restart for that to work. Its all to
do with SDLsvand stuff.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Uncle Pete's Tech Tips <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Giddy 3: Reasonably Special Edition is, i'm afraid (compared to the
original), all horrible and bloaty, and uses OpenGL and everything.
This has the distinct advantage that it should just work if you have
a reasonably modern PC and at least Windows XP.

Unlike the old version, it runs at 60Hz no matter what, and worse,
even if your desktop is 60Hz, its not necessarily tied to that. So
you may experience jerky scrolling. The solution is to buy a Wii
and run the Wii version, which is as smooth as the Amiga Giddy
games :-)

Upload Date:May 13 2018
Size:7 MB
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