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Description:A Sega MasterSystem/GameGear emulator by Charles MacDonald, MorphOS port by Kelly Samel.
Developer/Porter:Kelly Samel
Welcome to SMSPlus - MorphOS v1.4b (based on smsplus v1.2)

SMSPlus emulates the classic Sega Master System and GameGear
game consoles. SMSPlus currently runs many commercial
titles with good speed, sound support, save ram and save state
support and excellent compatibility.

SMSPlus can be launched via custom MUI interface or command line.

Expect some more options and improvements in the
next release. Have fun :)

- Documentation -

- User Interface Options -

GUI Interface:
load - select a sms/gg game image to play
start - start the emulation
overlay - enable overlay support for scaled and smoothed image
window - enable playing inside a resizable window (requires overlay)
scanline - enable simulated scanline mode for the look of a TV
Note:you can not resize the window in scanline mode
vsync - This reduces screen tearing on some systems

Joy1&2 - Configure gamepad input by pressing directions when prompted

PSG_Volume - volume of audio playback

Quick Rom Selector:
The listview in the center of the GUI can be
used to quickly select roms stored in your
"smsplus/roms/" directory simply click on a
rom in the list and then start the emulator
You can change the default rom path above
the list.

CLI Interface:
Template: smsplus-morphos <romname> <options>
Example : smsplus-morphos roms/shinobi.sms -winplay

-winplay : play inside window using overlay
-overlay : play fullscreen using overlay
Passing no <options> : fullscreen without overlay support.

If no <romname> or <options> are passed, the MUI gui
will be launched instead.

- Keyboard and Gamepad controls -

SMSPlus can be controlled with a keyboard or gamepad.
Gamepads are supported either through Poseidon v2.2
or lowlevel.library depending on connection type.
SMS/GG game images can be copied to the "roms/"
or "roms/gamegear/" directory for quick access.

Please ensure you copy all contents of the archive
if updating from an earlier release!

Keyboard Controls:
button 1 : x
button 2 : z
pause/start : enter
dpad : arrow keys
F1 to F4 : window display size presets

Save States:
|Save: F5 F6 F7 F8 | Load: F9 F10 F11 F12|
|Slots: 1 2 3 4 | Slots: 1 2 3 4|

increase window size : -
decrease window size : +

increase volume : 6 (numpad)
decrease volume : 5 (numpad)

help (menu key) - save screenshot of running game
into "SMSPlus/screenshots/romname.jpg"


- Version History -
V1.4b June 29 2013
- Rewrote display init stuff to work better on G5 and laptops
- Screen borders are properly blanked on all settings
- Display is properly centered in scanline+overlay+fullscreen

V1.4 July 6 2008
- Shortened the commodity description line
- Clones Ambient resolution in full screen + Overlay
- Audio channels only allocated while emulation is running
- Added compact mode
- Added BG pattern toggle
- Added video sync option
- Cleaner sound channel termination
- Fixed MUI colors to work with most configs
- Added rompath selector
- Made gui resizable and fixed spacing
- Added 1 and 2 player joypad configs

V1.3 August 19 2006
- added quick selection file lister
- Added scanline mode for fullscreen and window/overlay
- fixed audio for smoother playback
- added volume change slider
- optimized gfx copying a bit

V1.2 August 31 2004
- Updated to latest SMSPlus v1.2 source code making fixes where necessary
(v1.2 has improvements in sound (voices in SF2, AlteredBeast etc.) and
many other areas, you can see full changelist at the original author's
site : http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/)
- Integrated seperate audio task to improve sound playback
- Video is better synchronized
- Fixed screenshot saving
- Added SaveState support

V1.0b April 3 2004
- Fixed GameGear mode, shouldn't freeze or have black screen anymore
- Made display offsets a bit better

V1.0 April 2 2004
- Initial Release!


SMSPlus-MorphOS port by Kelly Samel, original
SMSPlus by Charles MacDonald. SMSPlus-MorphOS
may be freely distributed according to the GNU
public license.

Contact: realstar@shaw.ca
smsplus-morphos site : http://members.shaw.ca/realstar
original smsplus site : http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/

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