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Description:A PCE/Turbografx emulator by Kelly Samel.
Developer/Porter:Kelly Samel
Welcome to TGEmu - MorphOS v1.4 (based on tgemu v0.1)

TGEmu emulates the classic TurboGrafx16/PC Engine game
console. TGEmu currently runs many commercial titles with
good speed, sound support and reasonable compatibility.

TGemu can be launched via custom MUI interface,
command line or the Nostalgia v2.2 multi-emulation
system. Nostalgia Homepage: http://www.melina-softworks.fr.fm

Expect some more options and improvements in the
next release. Have fun :)

- Documentation -

- User Interface Options -

GUI Interface:
select - select a tg16/pce game image to play
run - start the emulation
overlay - enable overlay support for scaled and smoothed image
window - enable playing inside a resizable window (requires overlay)

CLI Interface:
Template: tgemu-morphos <romname> <options>
Example : tgemu-morphos roms/bonk.pce -winplay

-winplay : play inside window using overlay
-overlay : play fullscreen using overlay
Passing no <options> : fullscreen without overlay support.

If no <romname> or <options> are passed, the MUI gui
will be launched instead.

Nostalgia Interface:
TGEmu-MorphOS can also be used in conjunction
with Nostalgia v2.2 or later.

help (menu key) - saves a preview image for Nostalgia to use

- Keyboard and Gamepad controls -

TGemu can be controlled with a keyboard or gamepad.
Gamepads are supported either through Poseidon v2.2
or lowlevel.library depending on connection type.
TG16/PCE game images can be copied to the "roms/"
directory for quick access.

Please ensure you copy all contents of the archive
if updating from an earlier release!

Keyboard Controls:
button 1 - x
button 2 - z
select - shift
run - enter
dpad - arrow keys
f1 to f5 - window display size presets
+ - increase window size
- - decrease window size
help (menu key) - save screenshot of running game
into "tgemu/screenshots/romname.jpg"


- Version History -
V1.4 August 26 2004
- Depth arrangement of overlay window should work now
- Improved sound, skipping at a minimum now
- Better video synchronization
- Changed icon to "Emerald Games"

V1.3 March 30 2004
- Added command line mode and Nostalgia support
- Fixed bottom clipping rectangle to match the viewport size
- Added saving screenshot as a jpeg picture feature
- Fixed "romname" not being freed on exit
- Added close gadget to play window
- Mouse pointer is hidden in fullscreen mode now
- Reduced sound skipping when resizing or saving screenshot

V1.2 March 22 2004
- No more green trashed gfx on reversed endian gfx modes
- added auto saving of current settings
- play window can be resized larger
- restarting the emulation will resume from same point
- sound no longer skips when restarting emulation or changing roms
- while playing window size and position is remembered
- added window sizing presets on function keys
- added window sizing controls on + - keys
- fixed rtype and other games with wide displays to show without "garbage"
- fixed small bug which could lead to uncentered displays in non-overlay

V1.1 March 14 2004
- Fixed the pixel format for big endian gfx card
- Added overlay support with scaling
- Disabled mouse click input
- Window play option integrated
- Refreshing of MUI window during emulation fixed

v1.0 March 12 2004
- Initial release

Known problems:
- will load a file that is not an actual rom image


TGEmu-MorphOS port by Kelly Samel, original
tgemu by Charles MacDonald. TGemu-MorphOS may
be freely distributed according to the GNU
public license.

Contact: samel@telusplanet
tgemu-morphos site : http://browse.to/emerald
original tgemu site : http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/

Nostalgia Homepage: http://www.melina-softworks.fr.fm

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