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Description:A fast, light and efficient clipboard manager by Xabier Payet.
Developer/Porter:Xabier Payet
Short: Clipboard manager, collage maker, video capturer, dropbox file sync

Author: Xabier Payet

Version: 1.8


* AmigaOS 3 (RTG) * AmigaOS 4 * MorphOS * AROS * Windows * WarpOS * MacOS

Snapshoter is a infinite clipboard manager, image composer, have post it function and a lot more.


-This version is not compatible with the old snapshoter versions <1.6.0 If you replaces the executable in the same drawer,
delete the captures folder and the preferences file.


1. Fast, light and efficient clipboard manager.

2. Store unlimited clipboards.

3. Add watermarks to your pictures.

4. Post-it function.

5. Compatible with DropBox (Support for multiuser sharing the captures and using only one executable,
Also notes are used as messages between users here)

6. Auto store text and images in clipboard from any program to paste again in other program.

7. Capture pictures, video of any size (The video is placed in the video folder), capture the full desktop,
or crop any image.

8. Capture images with timer, for example: pop-ups.

9. Image composer mode with infinite layers to put images, texts or graphic primitives and make compositions.

10. Scale, rotate, put border, change contrast, add transparency, use text or arrows in the collage mode.

11. Infinite layers to play with your images in real time.
12. Save the collage as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF or ILBM image.

12. You can delete or add files directly the captures drawer, snapshoter sort all those files and prepare it.
13. Languages English, Catala , Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Portugues brazilian, Norwegian and French.

14. Drag n drop picture files to the clipboard bar and automatically you have all the images ready for work.

15. Paint, compose, create, and a lot more.

16. New text mode added to collage, you can use any font installed in your system now, select shadows,
outline, bold,
italic, underline, colors......

17. RGB custom palette for primary secondary and gradient colors.

18. Infinite layer image mode. The image blinks to locate the selected layer and make easier the location in the collage.

19. Take photos in your cellular and send it using dropbox to snapshoter and instantly you have it in your
snapshoter bar ready to work. Also you can capture images in your computer and automatically are sended
to your cellular via dropbox. (Work also with text messages or text clipboards)

20. Can be launched automatically when the OS boot.

21. Never lost your clipboards, (If you dont delete it)

22. Remember capture positions to capture same size or position images and videos

23. Use skin system, with template included to make your own skins

24. Full advanced clipboard over the cloud store system (Using Dropbox). Share any image or text file between devices anywhere.

25. Fast export or copy of the clipboard from the list to manage it.

- Whats new?

* Added german language
* Improved CPU consumption
* Improved Memory usage


* Added Fast text in composer using notes, right mouse over text icon or copy text from snapshoter bar
* Improved Dropbox Sync
* Auto rename dropbox files in captures drawer (experimental)


* Fixed problem exporting JPEG images
* Old message changed stored*export when you press left mouse button over any thumbnail to export.
* Less weight JPEG images
* All the Languages updated
* Fixed problem with thumbs.db under Windows XP
* Improved drag n drop support
* Fixed problem with any file extensions and drag n drop.
* Added Right mouse button over SCALE and ROTATE buttons in collage to change only 1 degree, position per click.
* Added Right mouse button over Rotate 45 button to rotate to Right.
* Now is possible select the Layer to place it pressing the Space Bar
* Repaired bug with sticky mouse over scale and rotate icons in the collag mode.
* Better performance


* Added Norwegian language
* Added new preferences screen, with more options.
* Added 6 different pointers with different forms and sizes to use in video
* Capture video with 1 click, (Store video coordinates)
* Capture images with 1 click with the right mouse button over the capture icon.
* Added Skins system, you can use the template inside the skins folder and modify it to do your own skin.
* Text and image clipboards improved and fixed the extension problem with dropbox.
* Full cloud support Computer-Cellular-Tablet <-----DropBox-----> Computer-Cellular-Tablet.
* Added output format images, now is possible capture in BMP, PNG, ILBM, GIF & JPEG.
* Added export clipboard option, press 2 seconds over any clipboard icon in snapshoter to save the clipboard to anywhere.
* Improved scale and rotate speed and performance in the collage mode.


* Added all the languages again, (French catalog is not complete)
* Added Brazilian language
* Added New video options, output file .avi or .gif, frames per second (fps), with or without mouse pointer.
* Added 1rst Apple Mac release (Betatesters wanted)
* Added the possibility to change the captures drawer place in the hard disk, make a file called dir.txt where the snapshoter executable is placed and write the new location here.


* Dark, by lack of time

* Maybe i finish some new functions as the navigation by days, not using an only folder with all the files.

* Control the FPS in video mode, it s a fixed value now.

* Linux version.... maybe

* Rewrite the compose mode...

To report bugs, new ideas or translations write to xabierpayet@hotmail.com

Upload Date:Jul 30 2016
Size:1 MB
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