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Description:The Easy Viewer and Thumber by Simone 'Tuxedo' Monsignori
Developer/Porter:Simone Monsignori
*********************************** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READMEFIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***********************************

Note that the "2024" version of LoView was based on the 2.85 version since I lost due to HDD crash
the older vesions, so plz If you are using the 2.91 and trying that version you found taht you miss some function
that was 2.91 related unfortunately you have to continue to use the 2.91...BTW don mix(i.e. launch togheter) the 2
versions plz, it may cause some weird behaviour...the best thing as to completetly rem,ove the 2.91 and use "2024"
if possible.

*********************************** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READMEFIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***********************************

LoView - the Easy Viewer and Thumber :)

LoView was an easy to use viewer designed to let the user choose what to do in
fast and comfortable way.
Supports many file format (depending on DataTypes you have installed) and may
save in JPG, PNG, IFF or BMP file format, so you can also delete/copy/move/
rename/save a rotated or flipped image for example or maybe only convert an
image in another format you like...
With the LoViewThumb program you can also look at your nice pics
in Thumb mode :)

***** Installing LoView:

Simply drag the LoView drawer where you like :)
You can also simply copy the LoView exes where you like if you don't need Data
dir for ToolBar configuration...WARNING: Be SURE to have the exes in the same path!!!!!
Remember to don't overwrite the Icon files if don't want to lose your own prefs!
And to add any new tooltypes that maybe added in new releases...
Remeber if you don't already do it to install Hollywood Plug-ins from:


To get support from all the LoView capabilities.
If you install LoView (but you have to copy togehter the main exe also the other 2 programs)
executable in a path different from system path and you want to use the DefaultTool script
remember to add the system variable "LoView/LoViewPath" with currrent LoView path.


SetEnv LoView/LoViewPath ABC:DEF/

***** Controls for LoView (DEFAULT prefs):

Use the nice ToolBar...

Use the nice ContextMenu...

Drag&Drop any icon or dir on LoView main window to load the image or scan the dir to look for images...
If no images/supported file was found simply LoView ignores they.

Mouse wheel or left, right, Space keys -> navigate pictures

+, - keys OR MidMouse press + Mouse Whell -> zoom in, out picture

ESC -> quit program OR Exit from SlideShow

HOT-KEYS (Be carefull to capital letters!):

F1 - Open New File
F2 - Open New Dir
F3 - Save Image
F5 - Zoom To Original Size
F6 - Zoom To Fit Image
F9 - Go FullScreen
F10 - Switch between Pan mode and FullDisplay drag mode...*** Only works when in SimpleView mode ***

c - Copy Image
C - Copy As Image
m - Move Image
M - Move As Image
r - Rename Image
S - Start/Stop SlideShow
Space - Next image or pause SlideShow (NOTE that only works when SlideShow was ACTIVE!)
DEL - Delete Image

LEFT - DECREASE audio volume
RIGHT - INCREASE audio volume

***** Using LoView from Shell:

If you like/need you can use LoView from Shell too, simply do:

LoView -file FileToOpen

Since you need to add the "-file" argument to load file I recommend you to alias it if
you often use LoView from cli...
For example:

alias LView "LoView -file"

so you can use it in one pass from cli without have to write "-file" option every time...

---OTHER CMD arguments:

* IMPORTANT * note that Shell arguments override the standard LoView Prefs until next program reboot without arguments

-SinglePic Activate the SinglePic prefs parameter
-NoASL No ASL requester will be shown at LoView StartUp

***** Using LoView as DefaultTool:

AmigaOS4.x (and maybe AmigaOS3.x/MOS)

Simply select from image icon:

1 - The provided LoViewDT script as "Default Tool"
2 - Select Launch from Shell and disable "ask arguments"
3 - Enjoy! :D


- be sure to change the path where LoView was installed if different from the System path
as described on the "Installation" chapter of that document!


Simply put the provided LVDTL in the DefautlTool string of the image icons.

Be sure to put the file together LoView exe

*NEW* : With the new itegrated Prefs Editor that procedure was now completely automated(ATM under AmigaOS4)

***** Using LoView as AmiDock icon:

From version 2.30 LoView can be used in AmiDock and you can drop images (only one at a time) to see them.

***** Preference settings:
To set the preferences use the preferences editor, parameters described below:

WINDOW_WIDTH desired window width, default to 800\ That values define the real window dimension, not the display area...
WINDOW_HEIGHT desired window height default to 600/
WINDOW_X desired window X default to CENTER
WINDOW_Y desired window Y default to CENTER
FULL_SCREEN activate/deactivate FullScreen mode(like Hot-key above) (default to FALSE)
SCALE_UP activate/decativate Scaling to fit of images smaller than LoView display (default to FALSE)
SCALE_DOWN activate/deactivate Scaling to fit of images bigger than LoView display (default to TRUE)
MAX_ZOOM define the max zoom allowed for the current image default to 400
ZOOM_FACTOR define the zoom percentage increased/decreased at every Zoom In/Out default to 15
SMOOTH activate/deactivate Smoothing for better image scaling (default to FALSE)
ASL_AT_STARTUP activate/deactivate ASL requester (for choosing files) at StartUp (default to TRUE)
OPEN_DIR_AT_STARTUP if SELECTED The first FileRequester was for select directory instead of files (default UN-SELECTED)
DEFAULT_LOAD_PATH desired default dir where to load images/videos...
DEFAULT_SAVE_PATH desired default dir where to save images/videos...if none selected was the same as load dir
DEFAULT_MUSIC_PATH desired default dir where to load musics for slideshow...
ASK_TO_LOOP activate/deactivate the requester that ask you what to do after last image of list was displayed (default to FALSE)
SIMPLEVIEW 0 = NORMAL (DEFAULT), 1 = Borderless window e no Toolbar, 2 = Borderless window only.
FILE_PATTERN desired file pattern to filter file to show on the FileRequester default to iff|jpg|png|bmp|gif but deactivated with (), note that also if you define a pattern LoView will scan the entire dir for images also if differents to selected pattern...
EDIT_MODE 1 = enable edit buttons, 0 = hide edit buttons (dafault to TRUE)
ASK_QUIT activate/deactivate requester when quit (default to TRUE)
SINGLE_PIC if SELECTED will be loaded only the selected image, NO whole directory scan (default UN-SELECTED)
BUBBLE_HELP activate/deactivate the Button's BubbleHelp (default to TRUE)
BUBBLE_HELP_TIME Set the desired time in seconds for BubbleHelp PopUp (default to 1.5 secs)
SAVE_PATHS if SELECTED the Music, Save and Load Paths will be saved on exit (default SELECTED)
EXIF_ORIENTATION if SELECTED the image will be loaded with correct orientation (default to SELECTED)
EXIF_LOAD if SELECTED the Exif TAGS will be loaded and displayed in a window (default to SELECTED)
EXIF_SAVE Choose if save Exif data automatically (TRUE) never (FALSE) or ask if save (ASK)
SLIDESHOW_TIME Set the desired time in seconds for SlideShow image change or set "ASK" to be asked before starting SlideShow for time (default to 3 secs)
SLIDESHOW_FX Set if show or no the transition effects while SlideShow was active (default to TRUE)
MID_MOUSE_ZOOM if set to TRUE the mouse wheel was used to zoom and if press MidButton to browse picture (default to FALSE)
FILTER_INFO Choose if filter (SELECTED) .info files or not (UN-SELECTED)... (default SELECTED i.e. NOT loading info)
POP_TO_FRONT Choose if LoView will Pop To Front when LoViewThumb send him image(s) (default to FALSE)
VIDEO_SUPPORT Choose il LoView have to look also for supported video formats while scanning dirs (default to FALSE)
AUDIO_VOLUME Choose the default volume to be used from 0 = mute 64 = MAX (default to 64)
1_1_TO_REAL Decide if zoom 1_1 to visualized current image orientation (Un-SELECTED) or to original image orientation (default to SELECTED)
Load ALL With that option you can choose to not scan(selected) the dir but simply pass the whole filelist to LoView and than will be loaded or not every single file(usefull to have Jump To window filled with files and fast loading times) (default SELECTED)
No Outpu Error If SELECTED that LoView wont tell you if the loaded file was supported or no but simply sil it silently(default UN-SELECTED)
Internal JPEG Decoder Choose if use internal JPEG loader or external (i.e. use DataTypes)
Auto Save Prefs Choose if Prefs will be saved on program exit or not...in that way also file paths will be saved or not...
Opus5 Compatibility If you are using Opus5 Magellan as WB replacemente you HAVE to use that option if you want run LoView...


USEWPA That ToolType wasn't a real LoView prefs, however if you encounter weird system crash or so try enabling it and than retry the operation that crash the program...if the problem was gone probably there was a bug in the host OS...however contact and inform me about that...

***** ToolBar configurability:

From Version 1.6 LoView let you configure your own ToolBar.
If exists the directory Data/ToolBar in LoView Home directory the default path where to load images
was changed from AISS to that. Remember that you can't mix the two things...or "AISS" or "Data" dir!
The only limitations was the size fixed at 24x24 pixels (may change in future) and image format must be PNG with Alpha.
Look directly (maybe with LoView or LoViewThumb in the Data/ToolBar dir to look at the standard images :)

***** VIDEO Support:

WARNING : ATM video support was considered in beta stage...dont expect too much from it :)

Starting from version 2.50 LoView supports also videos (be sure to install the plugins
from the link reported in Installing notes at the beginning of that document).
The videos was simply played from start to end if no action was done.
While a video was played you can:

- seek the video pressing in the main window where you like considering that if you press
to left you will seek to beginnning of the video if you click to right you will seek to end of the video.

- increase video volume with arrow UP.

- decrease video volume with arrow DOWN.

- if you switch fullscreen you get the video in fullscreen mode (in window mode you get the video
at its real size.

- pressing the Mid Mouse Button the video will be stopped or played depending on its current state.

***** IMPORTANT LoView behaviours *****

- *** WARNING *** since now LoView will check everytime for file icons, also if ".info" files will
be not scanned/loaded by LoView(as choosen in Prefs), if an ".info" file was present it will be
COPIED/MOVED/DELETE/RENAMED togheter the image file

- SlideShow: when playing music in SlideShow mode the music was played
in descending order and if last music was played LoView will restart from
first music until the SlideShow mode was canceled.

- SlideShow: while Slideshow is active no Animation or Videos will be displayed
everyone was simply skipped...

TIP - If you leave opened the Info and/or the JumpTo window their contents
will be automatically refreshed every time you change the image :)

- The "ZoomToReal" button will always show you the original aspect of the picture,
so a vertical photo (that have the rotation Exif bit set), that you see in correct
orientation on first load will appear horizontal in his "original" 1 to 1 pixel
aspect (from version 2.50 LoView have a special ToolType prefs to choose that behaviour)...

- REMEMBER...When saving Images LoView will save the current displayed buffer (WYSIWYG)!
If you want to save the image at 1:1 scale you have to press the appropriate
button first or use the new Effects window to save the image in the size you prefer!

- When you cut an Image the orientation bit of the Exif data will be re-setted to "1" i.e.
standard orientation since a cutted pic maybe or not maybe in the correct orientation against
the original one.

***** Scripting and ARexx port *****

LoView have an ARexx port that was mainly aimed to internal function showever it may change in future...
For the moment that gives the opportunity to make the nice ARexx script FilesToLoView.dopus that helps
multi-loading selected files from Dopus4 to LoView...
Simply open the script from the Scripts directory and read the simply instructions to use it :)

***** KNOWN issues:

- don't leave LoView exe alone from his icon it may cause problems...

- Currently under AmigaOS4.x when using Edit functions the system can be locked for a while
since the function wasn't finished, that was a standard behaviour of AmigaOS4 currently
unfortunately...hope that next releases will fix that

- LoView wont run in standard prefs settings on Opus5 Magellan if you use it as Workbench replacement
since Opus5 have some sort of bug on drag'n'drop, so you have to set the Preferences "Opus5 Compatibility"
to avoid the problem but in that way you loose the LoView AppWindow feature...

***** LICENSE *****

LoView can be distributed where and how you like, but you can't ask ANY fee
for that!
LoView was free software for personal use but if you use it for professional
reasons or you will support it, also considering the huge amount of time
that I used to develop it, plz consider to donate something.
PayPal and contact e-mail was:


If you donate at least 10 € I will send you a personal Key.file with your name :)

***** DISCLAIMER & BUG Hunting *****

Althought LoView have passed quite a lot of Betatesting still some bug(s) may
remain undiscovered...
So...use it at YOUR own risk! :P
I'm not responsable if your HDD collapse or your monitor will fry or something
else while you use LoView :)
But...if you found any bug(s) plz contact me immediately and tell me what's wrong
writing the line numer of the crash and the error message...
Thank YOU!

***** GREETINGS *****

- To YOU for using LoView :D

- Philippe "AmigaPhil" Duchenne for his work and suggestions on the LoViewDT script :)

- Martin "Mason" Merz for the wonderfull icons/images!

- Paul Bloedel for him help to make AmiDock LoView function

- LukeJerry for its LVDTL (LoViewDefaultToolLauncher) to give also on AROS the ability to use LoView
as DefaultTool on icons

- Xenic for its nice FilesToLoView.dopus ARexx script to use LoView in conjunction with DirectoryOpus4

- LoView betatesters for their patience with me :)

- If you like it... Enjoy!


- AISS (get the latest AISS package at http://www.masonicons.info) Image system from Martin "Mason" Merz if
you don't want to have the "Data" directory around and you don't want to configure the ToolBar...
-***** IMPORTANT ***** MUIRoyale Hollywood plug-in used by the inbuilt Preferences editor WAS ALREADY inbuilt in the LoView exe dont need to install it!
- Relative Hollywood plug-in to desired audio/video file playback.
-----> download Hollywood plug-in's from: http://www.hollywood-mal.com/download.html
- AHI for sound output
- Picture datatypes to load any picture formats or also some Hollywood plug-in
- ReqTools.library for some requesters


13/05/2024 v"2024" - ***IMPORTANT*** Note that the "2024" version of LoView was based on the 2.85 version since I lost due to HDD crash
the older vesions, so plz If you are using the 2.91 and trying that version you found taht you miss some function
that was 2.91 related unfortunately you have to continue to use the 2.91...BTW don mix(i.e. launch togheter) the 2
versions plz, it may cause some weird behaviour...the best thing as to completetly rem,ove the 2.91 and use "2024"
if possible.

---below standard Changelog---

Fixed a bug that dont refresh correctly the JumpTo window when a file was deleted or moved[Viewer], Fixed a bug
that dont show the pic laoded at right Exif Orientation[Viewer], Fixed a bug in Prefs editor that prevent correct
save of file paths[Viewer], Fixed some minor bugs [Viewer and Thumber], Added a whole ".info" file recognition that
allow the program to copy/move/rename/delete icon toghteter image files [Viewer only], Fixed a weird behaviour that
dont filter the ".info" files while load a directory without checking the files for real image [Viewer], Added a
Notification Pop-Up on LoViewThumb to show when Thumb Load and other actions like copy/rename/etc was ended[Thumber]
Fixed the Pop-Up menu that prevents to use the "right-click" options on some LoView buttons[Viewer], Now the font size of
LoView was resolution dependantand grow up related to resolution used(there was 3 font sizes 13, 15 and 17, used respectively
up to 1080p, from 1080 to 1440p, and above[Viewer].

26.05.2015 v2.85 - Fixed some annoying bugs, added 3 new preferences to choose: 1 - If use Internal or External JPEG Loader,
2 - If the prefs will be saved automatically on exit, 3 - An Opus5 compatibility option

25.04.2015 v2.80 - Fixed some really annoing bugs, Reworked Exif reading routine with support for some Pentax Makernote TAGs
and and added some new more standard TAGs to be swhown, Added a complete preferences editor with also an
easy installation procedure, now the LoView menu was a system friendly menu when LoView works in windowed mode,
now preferences was stored in ENVARC:LoView/ and no more in the LoView icon(the old ones can be imported from old
LoView icon while installing), The SlideShow routine was now completely reworked to grant the user a full
immersive new mode(now you can switch SlideShow in complete FullScreen and change also backgroun color if you
like)so you can nicely slide your honeymoon or trips or whatever you like photos to your friends/parents with
your Amiga on your home TV :), Added a NEW prefs "Load ALL" that can be selected to pass the entire file list
to LoView without pre-scan directory for valid files in that way the image will be loaded same time than with
SinlgePic pref selected but you have the whole filelist available in the Jump To window to choose(wrong files
will be eliminated while loading), now the Crop function dont draws a fixed crop area but that can be resized
clicking on the bordes while appear the hand-pointer, Added the new preferences NoOutpuError that skips silently
unsupported files(really usefull if you load huge directory with not so much supported files and use toghter
the LoadALL preferences), added iconify functionality from the menu, added the ability to drag drawers over
the LoView icon in AmyDock instead of only single files.
*** The LoView experience was now 10/15% faster thanks to new Hollywood 6! ***

24.05.2012 v2.51 - Fixed some annoing and rare bugs.

15.05.2012 v2.50 - Reverted to old behaviour in save images, added some new image effects, added video support, added
"Save" and "ReSize" voices in the ContextMenu, added new TooolTypes for VideoSupport and Volume default
value and select/remember music load dir and for decide the LoView behaviour when pressing the "ZoomToReal"
button, added New "ASK" parameter for SLIDESHOW_TIME ToolType, LoViewThumb now can save the selected thumbs
in the image format you like, in LoViewThumb now you can select the iBatch mode for usage of the thumber with
iBatch, in LoViewThumb now you can batch resize selected images in a desired percentage, bug fixes as usual.

10.01.2012 v2.37 - Added a ContextMenu entry ("Open > Thumb") to open current displayed pic dir in LoViewThumb, Added a .info
filter option to avoid LoView/LoViewThumb to load info files, fixed some bugs, Added new prefs to Pop To Front
LoView or LoViewThumb when sneding thumbs/image from one to another task.

31.12.2011 v2.35 - Added Exif data save in jpeg saved pictures (the data will be saved as the original), now you can use LoView
as icon on AmiDock and drag a file to it to show it, Now you can select some files in LoViewThumb and send all
them all to LoView, a nice hand pointer was now displayd while panning images, added a tiny edit window, some bugfixes.

13.12.2010 v2.05 - Corrected a bug in the Exif loader and added a shell argument to LoViewThumb (the "-dir" parameter)
to load directly the path you like without have the requester popping up, fixed a bug in SlideShow
with only one picture loaded(much than a fix that was a quick workaround until next major release)...

07.12.2010 v2.00 - Added a key file support, removed a nasty bug that cause a crash if the SlideShow
was stopped a soon as was started, added Bufferd display so now you don't see anymore
the ugly "clear" effect when switching from a picture to another,

15.08.2010 v1.86 - Fixed a weird bug that crash LoView if some weird Exif data was passed...

10.06.2010 v1.85 - Fixed one nasty bug that prevent the full activation of LoView if you load a file
from the Default Tool,Added a nice ARexx port(ATM primarly to be used, toghter
the LoViewThumb program, now LoView was a mini-suite that consists of 3 exe.

26.04.2010 v1.79 - Added time counter to display the time needed to load images, Added a
busy pointer when the program is working, Added preliminary Exif TAGs support,
Added EXIF_ORIENTATION ToolType to choose if load pics with correct orientation
reading the relative Exif TAG, Added EXIF_LOAD, Added the "SinglePIC" and "NoASL"
arguments from CLI, added a reworked and powerfull LoViewDT script (thanks to
AmigaPhil for that!), Added a SlideShow mode with nice transition effects, Added
Music play option in SlideShow Mode, Added SLIDESHOW_TIME, SLIDESHOW_FX and
MID_MOUSE_ZOOM ToolTypes, Added a simple ContextMenu, Added an About
window, Added an Info window(ATM displays only the Exif infos if presents), Added
a window to choose the file to load from the files already scanned, Some code
clean-up and corrected bug(s).

17.02.2010 v1.61 - Few bugfixes, changed "D" key with "DEL" key to delete images.

16.02.2010 v 1.6 - Some bugfixes, added SIMPLEVIEW mode, added, Copy, Copy As, Move, Move As,
Rename and delete buttons, these buttons may be activated with the new
Editmode ToolType, added ASK_QUIT ToolType, added SINGLE_PIC Mode/ToolType,
Added BubbleHelp and related ToolType, Added BUBBLE_HELP_TIME ToolType,
Added AlphaChannel support for the images loaded, Now if you drag&drop a dir
in the LoView window the entire dir will be scanned and loaded in the same
way that if you load a dir from GUI, added preliminary support for GIFAnim
pictures, now buttons that wasnt needed for current picture state was disabled
and ghosted, Now with MiddleButton press+Wheel movement you can Zoom + or -, Now,
if you like, you can set your own ToolBar changing the images in the optional Data
directory (ATM you have to respect 24x24 dimension and PNG with Alpha format), added
SAVE_PATHS ToolTypes to save current load and save paths.

11.01.2010 v1.5 - Some bugfixes, Added FullScreen, Iconify, iff save, now window was resizable
as you like, changed image load mode, now you have to choose only the first
pic you like to load than the directory was entirely scanned for available
pics, Added Appwindow support (the dropped file became the first displayed
and then the other image files of him dir, like chosing a new file from
Requester...), Added Select entire dir to load without choose any file button,
Now is possible to set the preferences of the program by setting the
appropriate ToolTypes in the program icon, added cli image loading...

01.01.2010 v1.1 - Few bugfixes, added Save support (bmp, jpg, png), minor internal changes.

29.12.2009 v1.01 - Few bugfixes and workarounds and remapped zoom to "+" and "-" keys to be more comfortable...

23.12.2009 v1.0 - Initial release...

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