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Description:A little and easy program to clean the .recycled trashcans the obsolete and old files.
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin
Title: Witch Cleaner
Version: 3.20
Kind: Clean
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: charsets.library
Description: A little and easy program to clean the .recycled rashcans of
obsolete and old files.

The .recycled trashcans are a option from MorphOS where to temporarily are
save the files deleted, renamed, even drawers or temporarily files made for
programs or games.
This option is good to have activated to recover files deleted accidentally
or that you want recover a previous version from them. But to avoid that the
trashcan fill up there are two options set up a maximum files to save or
delete yourself, to facilitate it, here born this free clean tool.

The program clean your privacy deleting the next files from OWB (Orygin Web
- cookies.db
- History.db
- TopSites.db
- WebpageIcons.dbth
- LocalStorage cookies
- font: fonts cache
- AutoFill.db
- Bookmarks.html
* Passwords.db
- sessions

The program clean your privacy deleting the next files from Wayfarer:
- cookie.jar.db
- Curl cookies
- Storage cookies
- FavIcons cookies
- IndexDB cookies
- CacheStorage
- WebStorage
- Bookmarks.json
- Bookmarks.json_old
* Passwords.json
* Passwords.crypto
- Sessions: sessions.json and your own name sessions

NOTE: With TOTAL CLEAN only remove the cache drawer with all its content.

The program clean your privacy deleting the next files from IBrowse:
- Cache: cache drawers and files inside them.
- Cookies
- Downloads.
- GlobalHistory
* Passwords

The program clean your privacy deleting the next files from Iris:
- Curl cookies
- FavIcons cookies
- cookie.jr.db
- Tmp files
- Folders with these files: .addresses file .outogoing files and others.
* accounts.json and accounts.crypto

The tool is very easy to use with menu options.

Be sure you want to empty the trashcan.
You are using this program at your own risk and responsibility.
Morgue Soft and the author aren't responsible for possible damage or loss
of data due to misuse.
You are using this program freely.

For cleaning these files from OWB, Wayfarer, IBrowse and Iris must not be
running, because these programs have open these files for their use.

The files with * are your personal passwords for forums, mail accounts, or
personal dates, you must be sure to delete this files because without them
you can't enter in your accounts, the only purpose recommended is to leave to
zero your browser in case to sell, lend your machine, in case of accidental
deletion you can find these files in the recycled folder except that you have
cleaned too.

If the path where are installed the browsers: OWB, Wayfarer, IBrowse, the
e-mail client: Iris and your favorite .recycled trashcan havent't the correct
path, the program doesn't clean.
The paths are saved as xname.prefs

These are simple txt files with the path:
Unit:Drawer/Drawer name program, examples:
For the .recycled trashcan the unit for example DH2:

Iconifiying the program the default program icon with a Witch or other icon
isn't showed although this icon will be glow icon, etc. Witchcraft...

As information the name is gave to this tool is for a clean product sells
in Spain called "Las Tres Brujas"/"The Three Witches".

Keyboard shortcuts:
ESC: To exit from the program.
SpaceBar: Minimize/Hide the program.

Available in the next languages:
English. Castellano. Fran�aise. Italian. Deustch. Polski.

- 3.20:
- New cyberpunk style.
- Program window more big.
- Bugs fixed.
- Different versions for MorphOS, AROS and AmigaOS4.

- 3.10:
- Fixed visual bugs.

- 3.05:
- Little improvements with new graphics.
- Tested with the last IBrowse 3.0.

- 3.00:
- New enviroment with a new cyberpunk look, made with IA graphics,
the real models removed.
- Compiled with Hollywood 10.0.
- Fixed bugs.
- Improved and cleaned up the code.

- 2.35:
- Cleaning more temporal files from Wayfarer and IBrowse.

- 2.30:
- Removed some witches and added a new ebony witch.
- Little menu improvements.
- Compiled with Hollywood 9.1.

- 2.20:
- Added the cleaning for the last Iris 1.0 and its cookies.
- Added a new Chinese witch, because the tool isn't racist.
- New graphic improvements.

- 2.10:
- Added again cleaning of IndexDB cookies.
- Little graphic and visual changes with the witches.
- Optimized some code parts.

- 2.05:
- Removed one menu option repeated: cookies.db for OWB.
- Added a new charapter to unpaganize the program: Sor Escoba.

- 2.00:
- Little improvements and little bugs fixed.
- Compiled with last Hollywood 9.0 paids with the donations from
the people.
- Cleaning more cookies from OWB and Wayfarer.
- Added clean for IBrowse.
- Now is possible delete the xname.prefs from a browser if you
don't use anymore.

- 1.80:
- Fixed some bugs.
- Added the Iris mail client by suggestion of Brumiga.

- 1.71:
- Fixed some Polish and German text strings.

- 1.70:
- Added extra language: Polski by Adam Mierzwa.
- Programmed with Hollywood 8.0.

- 1.60:
- Little visual and sound improvements.

- 1.55:
- Added extra language: Deustch by Lars Bramer.

- 1.50:
- Bug fixed.
- Cleaning the new cookies from Wayfarer 1.7.

- 1.45:
- Added extra language: Italian by Samir Hawamdeh.

- 1.40:
- Added the new cookie from wayfarer to clean: FavIcons.
- Improved the clean routine.
- Added the option to Animation On/Off.
- Removed the option of iconify the program.

- 1.31:
- Fixed French translation by Yannick Buchy.

- 1.30:
- Fixed French translation by Yannick Buchy.
- Fixed the bug with the browsers and trashcan paths, changed the
method, now the program uses three preferences files each one
with the path from its browser and the favorite trashcan to empty.
- Added the option of to choose With cover, by request to Papiosaur.
- Added the option to remove the AutoFill.db

- 1.20:
- Added the option to clean the Wayfarer Web Browser: cookies, etc.
- Added a little animation to indicate the cleaning process actived.
- Change the witch cover and icons for a new witch less sexy.

- 1.10:
- Added the option to clean the OWB Orygin Web Browser: cookies, etc.
- Change the visual Menu options.
- Bugs fixed.

- 1.06:
- Little visual changes.

- 1.05:
- Fixed a bug with Favorite trashcan and others.

- 1.00:
- Initial realesed.

Upload Date:May 27 2024
Size:2 MB
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