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Description:A little and easy program to test your Internet connection, it was made thinking in Apple Macs running MorphOS and using the wireless connection.
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin
Title: iConecta
Version: 5.25
Kind: Internet
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: charsets.library
Description: A little and easy program to test your Internet connection.
This program isn't one spyware, monitoring or keylogger malicious software only
check if your computer is online or offline to avoid bad surprises browsing or
This is useful when you use a movilphone or wifi connection and you are writing
an e-mail or writing a form and you give Send, without connection your work may
be lost.

Also the program shows the time connected to Internet, in red when the program
has connection or in black with your system hasn't connection.
This is useful if you want self-impose time limits to be of connect, the time
showed is the time connection, if can be different to time to start due to
connection shortenings for example.

The program runs in a little window, with this feature you can run it on screen

The tool is very easy to use with menu options.

Available in the next languages:
1.English. 2.Spanish. 3.French. 4.Italian. 5.German. 6. Polish.

This new version has the next improvements:
1. The clock time numbers are more big.
2. New graphics.
3. Use the free fonts.

Upload Date:Jun 07 2024
Size:2 MB
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