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Description:Demo by Encore released at Decrunch 2017 (Wroclaw/Poland 2-4.06.2017).
ver. 0.9.0 alpha (3.06.2017)

demo released at
Decrunch 2017 (Wroclaw/Poland 2-4.06.2017)

code, engine, design, gfx2D, gfx3D, anim

music, support

(C) 2017 ENCORE



This is UNFINISHED alpha version of "Morphoza". Final version will be available soon...
Don't forget delete the alpha version after release the final. :)

Our Encore Engine 4.0 allows to porting applications for various platforms.
So after release final version for MorphOS, we are going to release versions for other platforms.

Special thanks for:

Decrunch party organizers

My understanding family :)

MorphOS team

PPA, MorphZone, eXec teams and users

Radzik and his podcasts :)

Sofcik and his podcast :)

all happy users of MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS and Amiga Classic ;)

Would you like to get more butterflies? Write us why...
e-mail: encore@amiga.pl
twitter: @encoregames"

See you in final version of "Morphoza" and our next productions...


Alpha version doesn't have GUI for settings. If you would like to change default
settings, please run once the demo. In PROGDIR:settings will be generated
config file "app_settings.est". This is ascii JSON file. Feel free to change
parameters in the file. You can change screen resolution ("screen_size")
or enable/disable fullscreen ("fullscreen"). Sorry for the problematic solution.
Final version will be more comfortable (GUI). Today time is my enemy...



1. Why alpha version?

Because time isn't our best friend ;) and we wanted to release something on Decrunch 2117.

2. Why MorphOS?

Because MorphOS is my (MDW) favourite AmigaOS-like operating system. I use MorphOS since
2004 and I still want to create something for the platform.

3. When are you going to release the final version?

As soon as possible. :) Please give me 2-3 weeks. I am going to add some features which
require more time and work.

Upload Date:Jun 05 2017
Size:35 MB
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