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Description:All Libraries SDL2 with all SDK files for MorphOS.
Developer:Itix, BeWorld and BSzili
SDL2 Libraries Package for MorphOS system.
SDL2.LIBRARY 53.2 12.12.2020 based on SDL 2.0.12.
SDL2_IMAGE.LIBRARY 53.1 11.08.2020 based on SDL2_IMAGE 2.0.6 (pre-release).
SDL2_MIXER.LIBRARY 53.2 11.08.2020 based on SDL2_MIXER 2.0.4.
SDL2_GFX.LIBRARY 53.1 11.08.2020 based on SDL2_GFX 1.0.4.
SDL2_TTF.LIBRARY 53.1 11.08.2020 based on SDL2_TTF 2.0.15.
SDL2_NET.LIBRARY 53.1 11.08.2020 based on SDL2_NET 2.0.1.

SDL2 Features :

- Limitation : Software Renderer ONLY
- Window OpenGL support ! (Use by ScummVM port)
- Joystick support with sensors.library (first version)
- News functions and fixes : see details on commits https://github.com/BSzili/SDL/commits/mos-sdl2

GameController Readme :

You can create your own mapping file for joystick (gamecontrollerdb.txt) : check directory controllermap
Specific to MorphOS, you can put this file in your ENVARC. All game could use it ! no need to put this file in game directory.

A MorphOS community sourced database of game controller mappings to be used with SDL2 Game Controller functionality
is avaiblable here : https://github.com/BeWorld2018/gamecontrollerdb.txt
Do not hesitate to participate and send me your result to complete the database. Thanks !

SDL2_Mixer features :

- Compiled with libflac 1.3.3, libmpg123 1.26.1 and mikmod 3.3.11
- Use Vorbisfile.library system
- Timidity support (https://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_mixer/timidity/timidity.tar.gz) everything is included in the installer.

SDL2_ttf features :

- Compiled with freetype 2.10.1

SDL2_image features :

- Support all formats


SDL2 : fix thread with relative paths (discover with ScummVM cloud features)

SDL2 : add Drag and Drop support (ScummVM or MilkyTracker SDL2 for example use it)
Fix somes little bugs
Add issues tracker here : https://github.com/BSzili/SDL/issues
Included timidity files in the installer

SDL2_net, SDL2_gfx, SDL2_mixer, SDL2_ttf, SDL2_image : GCC9 building, code optimization, fix minors bugs
SDL2_image : add WEBP support (libWEBP 0.3.0)
add more binaries files in SDK/bin: showimage (SDL2_image), playmus and playwave (SDL2_mixer), showfont (SDL2_ttf) and test_server/test_client (SDL2_net)
add gamecontroller.txt file in installer

SDL2_mixer : downgrade to version 2.04 : wav bug detect on last unrelease version, fix mikmod...

SDL2_mixer : update SDL2_mixer to last GIT version 2.0.5 and switch to mikmod, add playmus program to test all format

SDL2 : fix mouse button bug, add battery and add experimental rumble

SDL2_MIXER: fix bug with libmp123
SDL2 : add support 4 axes for 3DStick and bug fix. Add testjoystick and testgamecontroller programs.

SDL2: Add load ENV:gamecontrollerdb.txt, bug fix with OpenTTD (game pause) : fix clapping on update surface.

SDL2 : Add Init system cursor, add AMIGA_GetDoubleClickYimeInMillis (find mouse doubleclick's delay from MorphOS Prefs), add first version that use sensors.library for controllers.
SDL2_mixer : fix bug (thanks to Korni to report it)

SDL2 : fix bug (crash OpenTTD)
SDL2_mixer : come bak to libmodplug system

25.04.2020 : (SDL2) Compiled with GCC9, implement functions SDL_SetWindowResizable, SDL_SetWindowOpacity
(SDL2_mixer) compiled with GCC9, update libflac 1.3.3
19.04.2020 : Fix 2 bugs in SDL2 (SDL_ShowMessageBox and SDL_SetWindowSize), fix installer copy and flushlib one file by one.
12.04.2020 : Fix somes bugs
11.04.2020 : Fix SDL2 opengl bug, update SDL2 to 2.0.12, add all SDK files for developers
06.04.2020 : Add SDL2_Net SDL2_gfx, SDL2_ttf, Update SDL2_image to 2.0.6, fix bug on SDL2
04.04.2020 : Fix bug on SDL2_mixer (loading timidity), update libmodplug and delete libmikmod
03.04.2020 : SDL2_mixer 2.04 library are now included
31.03.2020 : First public version SDL 2.0.11 and SDL2_Image 2.0.5


- OpenGL renderer :
- Sensors.lib : add Notifications support (gamepad) (better sensors lib) - (Thanks to jacadcaps to write gamepadlib/sensors lib)


- SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom is buggy

SDL2 : use to signal a new bugs : https://github.com/BSzili/SDL/issues


Thanks to Ilkka Lehtoranta for his sources code (SDL2 2.03 and SDL2_image 2.0.0).
Thanks to Szilard Biro (BSzili) for his help and his big contribution.
Thanks to MorphOS Teams for the help and MorphOS ;-).

SDL2 sources are available on https://github.com/BSzili/SDL/tree/mos-2.0.12
SDL2_image sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL-mos-sdl2_image
SDL2_mixer sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL-mos-sdl2_mixer
SDL2_gfx sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL-mos-sdl2_gfx
SDL2_net sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL-mos-sdl2_net
SDL2_ttf sources are available on https://github.com/BSzili/SDL_ttf

Feel free to contribute.

Upload Date:Dec 13 2020
Size:16 MB
Last Comments
09 May 2020
Yes i missing to change version date, but yes you can re-install it
09 May 2020
This SDL v2 libraries archive shows as an upload date of 8-May-2020, but there is no mention in the comments since 4-Apr-2020 that mentions what changes there have been to the file(s) - other than the 10 history changes in the SDL2 ReadMe. So can I take it that these changes specifically that have been fixed, require any user to re-download/install these files since 4-Apr-2020 as the fixes need to be updated with the libraries that have been fixed/patches applied in this latest version to correct any issues since 4-Apr-2020? As this could be easily overlooked otherwise, as there is no comment on the file that changes have been implemented. I know there is a new upload date, but this could easily be overlooked, that's all.
04 Apr 2020
Little update for SDL2_mixer.library
and more explanation on installing timidity files.
03 Apr 2020
SDL2 + SDL2_image + SDL2_Mixer libraries for MorphOS
02 Apr 2020
Just confirming - that file unarchives correctly/as intended now, many thanks :-)
01 Apr 2020
Ok !! i fix that, thanks
01 Apr 2020
I've just downloaded it again - same issue as I already reported
01 Apr 2020
Have you redownload archive ? (the first version haved a problem)
01 Apr 2020
The archive extracts to sdl2.library and sdl2_image.library - which I'd expect, but it also then has a ReadMe.morphos file, which seems to be an LHA file, which when extracted is not a ReadMe.morphos file, but 2 .info files (SDL2.0.11 and SDL2_Library_2.0.11) which aren't even MorphOS PNG/SVG .info files anyway. So, should there be a ReadMeMorphOS.txt file in the LHA archive or has/is something missing or gone wrong from this archive?
I haven't tested the SDL2 library as yet, but I'm sure you tested it as fully as you could before releasing it, so many thanks to both of you for all your efforts.