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Description:This archive works to install and configure Ghostscript 8.6 from Aminet
Developer/Porter:Guido Mersmann, Bernd Assenmacher
Short: V1.13, Ghostscript installer
Author: geit@gmx.de (Guido Mersmann)
Uploader: b-a@keemail.me (Bernd Assenmacher)
Type: text/dtp
Version: 1.13

Ghostscript Installer

This archve installs and configures Ghostscript.

Ghostscript allows to use any working standard printer as Postscript printer, so
its e.g. possible to print PDF documents from inside APDF.

Please note that this installation requires a configured and working internet
connection as several mega bytes of data need to be downloaded while

21 December 2019

Changes made by Bernd Assenmacher with permission of Guido Mersmann:

Version set to 1.13 in Line 1 of the installer script and Date changed to 21.12.2019

URL in Line 438 of the installer script was changed to new path :
to make installation of aminet version 8.6 working again. :)

Readme file was changed to recent values
Upload Date:Dec 21 2019
Size:287 KB
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