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Description:FCEU emulates the classic Nintendo Entertainment System/NES/Famicom game console.
Developer:Kelly Samel
Welcome to FCEU - MorphOS v1.7

FCEU emulates the classic Nintendo Entertainment System/NES/Famicom
game console. FCEU currently has great compatibility, sound support,
save ram and save state support. It also supports Famicom Disk System
games and runtime IPS patches.

FCEU can be launched via custom MUI interface or command line.
Press TAB key to open save state manager.

This version (v1.7) changes the format of the prefs
files so please overwrite old version completely.

Important 2 Player information:
The 2nd player must use a USB joypad/gamepad on the 2nd Port.
The port can be changed in your Poseidon/Trident prefs by selecting:
(Devices->USB Joystick->Settings->QuickSetup(Menu)->Joystick->Select Port 2)
Also ensure Port2 is set to "Merge with USB" under the "General" tab.

Alternate GFX set note:
An alternative gfxset is bundled in the archive.
(contributed by Christophe Delorme)
To Install - Rename the "gfxdata/" folder to "gfxdata_bak/"
to keep a safe copy. Then unpack alternate_gfx.lha into the
program drawer. You will have to reboot if you want to change
back to the original image set again or vice-versa

- Documentation -

- User Interface Options -

Note: This version of fceu is customized especially for MorphOS
use and therefore does not utilize the same parameters or preference
files as other versions may. If you have questions regarding features,
contact me by email.

GUI Interface:
select - select a game rom image to play
start - start the emulation
overlay - enable overlay support for scaled and smoothed image
window - enable playing inside a resizable window (requires overlay)
scanline - enable simulated scanline mode for the look of a TV
Note:you can not resize the window in scanline mode
vsync - this helps fix screen tearing on some systems

compact - hide the top graphics to make more room for lister

BG - enable or disable background pattern

NTSC/PAL - NTSC is the regular NES display of 224 lines
European games use PAL mode which is 240 lines
you can change this to whatever you prefer

Configure Input -

This allows you to configure where each button is mapped
on your gamepad. (lowlevel.library/Poseidon/Sensors) Set
your controller to either port1 for the first player or
port2 for 2nd player in the Poseidon prefs menu.

Select which player you are configuring controls for using the
cycle gadget. Then click once on which control you want to map
for either USB GamePad, XBox 360 gamepad or Keyboard. You will
then have to press a key/button to map it to the control. Do
this once for each control.

PSG_Volume - volume of audio playback

RomPath - You can change the default roms directory here

Quick Rom Selector:
The listview in the center of the GUI can be
used to quickly select roms stored in your
"fceu_mos/roms/" directory simply click on a
rom in the list and then start the emulator

CLI Interface:
Template: fceu_mos <romname> <options>
Example : fceu_mos roms/castlevania3.nes -winplay

-ntsc : set to ntsc video mode
-pal : set to pal video mode
-winplay : play inside window using overlay
-overlay : play fullscreen using overlay
-scanline: enable scanline mode
Passing no <options> : fullscreen without overlay support.

If no <romname> or <options> are passed, the MUI gui
will be launched instead.

- Keyboard and Gamepad controls -

FCEU can be controlled with a keyboard or gamepad.
Gamepads are supported either through Poseidon
or lowlevel.library depending on connection type.
NES game rom images can be copied to the "roms/"
directory for quick access.

Please ensure you copy all contents of the archive
if updating from an earlier release!

Keyboard Controls:
button A: x
button B: z
start : enter
select: rshift
dpad : arrow keys
F1 to F4 : window display size presets
F5: SaveState
F6: Select which side of the FDS disk images to insert/eject
F8: Eject/Re-Insert FDS disk images into virtual drive
F10: LoadState
F12: Reset NES
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 : Select corresponding save state slot
Help/Menu Key: Save screenshot into fceu_mos/snaps/ (PNG format)
+ : increase window size
- : decrease window size
6 (numpad) : increase volume :
5 (numpad) : decrease volume

- Save States -
TAB key opens gui save state manager for quick save and
restore of 4 states - save states will be saved with an image preview

Save Preview - Save a preview image to use in the main window.

There are 10 slots that you can save and load temporary
gameplay progress to. First select which slot you wish
to use by using the numerical keys (not numpad) Then
by hitting F5 you can save to that slot. F10 restores
the game from the current selected slot.

Note: Not every game supports save states, it depends
on the mapper type used by the cartridge. You will have
to test each game individually if it supports this.

- IPS Patch support -
IPS patches are used to modify the game rom at run-time with various
results. For instance there are several english language translations
of previously Japanese only language games available. IPS patches can
be placed in the "fceu_mos/ips/" drawer. They should be named the same as
your rom except with a ".ips" extension. They are automatically loaded
and applied during runtime.


- FDS Support -
You must place a FDS (Famicom Disk System) rom file in the
root "fceu/" directory. The file should be named "disksys.rom"
and be exactly 8192 bytes in size or it won't function. You
can load "#?.fds" games like normal roms. Use the F8 and F6
keys to eject/insert and select disks when prompted by the
game. When data is saved to an FDS file the modified copy
will reside in the sav/ directory.


- Version History -

v1.7 April 25 2018
- savestate window handled by mui notifications
- updated to latest version of support functions
- fixed a memory hit when saving a screenshot
- updated video mode selection system
- correct aspect ratio and centering of video frame in scanline mode

v1.6 February 10 2015
- updated emulation core to fceu_mm latest svn build
- updated all mappers to latest fceux versions
- fixed mmc5 register $5130 emulation
- Legend Of Link rom hack now works
- doubled sound output
- fixed a file requestor crash

V1.5 December 25 2014
- added preview screenshot in main window
- added preview thumbnails to savestate manager
- modified visible area to match an average tv display with overscan
- filename filter added to dir listing (NES|FDS)

V1.4 October 11 2013
- Improved screen display offsets
- New input configuration panel
- XBox 360 gamepad support via sensors.library
- New save state manager panel
- Many other bug fixes and improvements

V1.3c July 11 2013
- Rewrote display init stuff to work better on G5 and laptops
- Screen borders are properly blanked on all settings
- Display is properly centered in scanline+overlay+fullscreen

V1.3b July 6 2008
- Compact prefs setting now saved on exit
- Fixed a few remaining MUI color issues

V1.3 July 5 2008
- Fixed MUI colors to work with most configs
- Shortened the commodity description line
- Clones Ambient resolution in full screen + Overlay mode
- Audio channels allocated only while emulation is running
- Added compact gui mode
- Added BG pattern toggle
- Added video sync option
- Borders filled black in fullscreen mode
- Cleaner sound channel termination
- Alternate gfx set by Christophe Delorme added in archive

V1.2b November 26 2007
- Fixed double entries in romlist on initial startup

V1.2 November 23 2007
- ntsc/pal setting can be used from cli
- Joypad prefs function in cli mode now
- Rom path is refreshed upon initial startup
- Iconify changed to respect executable name
- Enabled 2 player support for joypad on port 2
- Fixed NULL filename problem (FDS related)

V1.1 November 5 2007
- F12 key mapped to reset NES
- FDS support added (F6 selects disk) and F8 (ejects/re-inserts)
- "Cattou Ninden Teyandee" english patched version of rom works now
- Added NTSC/PAL video mode selection
- Added Joypad/Gamepad button config option
- Added runtime IPS patching support
- Program iconifies with program icon instead of default tool
- Default rom path can be changed in the interface now
- Added some alternative program icons that fit "panel" better
- Stripped binary for smaller file size

V1.0 October 31 2007
- Initial Release!


FCEU MorphOS port by Kelly Samel, FCEU may be freely distributed
according to the GNU public license. For information on original
developer's see file "AUTHORS".

Contact: realstar@shaw.ca
fceu-morphos site : http://realstar.neocities.org

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