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Description:Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator
Developer:Kelly Samel
Short: Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator
Author: Kelly Samel (realstar@shaw.ca)
Uploader: Kelly Samel (realstar shaw ca)
Type: misc/emu
Version: 1.0b
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Welcome to mGBA - MorphOS v1.0b

mGBA is an emulator that reproduces the Nintendo GameBoy hardware
line. It supports GameBoy Advance, original GameBoy and
GameBoy Color. Has a full MUI gui and support for various
gfx/snd options. For best compatibility it is recommended
to have original GameBoy bios files available.

Press TAB key to open save state manager. Save states are
only available for GBA at the moment.

- Bios Files -
An original GameBoy or GameBoy Advance bios image can be used
for better compatibility with games. These should be placed in
the roms/bios drawer and named accordingly.

gba_bios.bin - GameBoy Advance bios
gb_bios.bin - GameBoy original bios
gbc_bios.bin - GameBoy Color bios
sgb_bios.bin - SuperGameBoy bios


- Version History -
v1.0b March 18, 2020
- Small bugfix to the overlay modulo value to fix corrupted gfx
v1.0 March 17, 2020
- Initial Release
- Port of mGBA latest stable build v0.8.1
- Custom MorphOS frontend and MUI interface added


mGBA - MorphOS port by Kelly Samel

Contact: realstar@shaw.ca
mGBA - MorphOS site : http://realstar.neocities.org

Upload Date:Mar 19 2020
Size:1003 KB
19 Mar 2020
Super. Thank you!
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