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Developer/Porter:Leave Reality Studio
Short: AmiPad 3.1 FE
Author: ngamiga@yahoo.com (Leave Reality Studio)
Uploader: ngamiga yahoo com (vincent perkins)
Type: util/app
Version: 3.1
Architecture: ppc-amigaos; ppc-warpos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros

A Hollywood created app designed for AmigaOS4 owners, this is AmiPad.
Basically I realized that a lot of these so called apps on these tablets
devices are just web site powered apps with fancy icons, so that started me
think what useful HMTL5 apps and web site could i find that work on Amiga
web browsers.

Setting mode, change and save Backgrounds and Border Design!
Quick right click scroll navigation through the web apps
White, Black, Amiga and new Space Gray Notch style Border Design
Information / about bar
New Easter Eggs to find
iPad inspired design and animation
New and improved graphics from icons to backgrounds
52+ Quick Internet links
Useful and Fun HTML5 powered apps
New Windows, Mac, Linux, Aros, MorphOs, Classic version (untested on some
Original Hollywood files
Weblinks app included (more new links and some icons updated)

Designed for AmigaOS4
But includes Aros, Classic, MorphOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac versions

Link:- https://www.leavereality.uk/product/amipad-3-1fe-update-1b/

Thank you
Leave Reality Studio

Upload Date:Dec 24 2019
Size:23 MB
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