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Description:Display Top Tasks in screen title.
Developer:Matthias Böcker
Short: Display Top Tasks in screen title
Author: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Uploader: #amigazeux, Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker (amigazeux@gmx.net)
Version: V1.2
Type: util/wb
Requires: MorphOS 2.0
Website: http://amigazeux.net

What is it?
TopTasks is a Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS.

TopTasks displays the system current top CPU-time consuming task in the screen title.

Will display top 10 CPU-time consuming tasks in a window when clicked.
Since V1.2 it is also possible to send a break signal to all listed tasks or to set their
priority by simply opening the context menu for the entry (right click over the entry). Try
it, it's useful sometimes :-)

Everything is fully configurable.

- MorphOS 2.0 or higher

Double-Click the Install icon and TopTasks_sbar will be installed to your system.

For manual installation simply copy the contents of the "Copy_To_Sys"
drawer to your SYS: partition.
Enter in a Shell: copy ram:TopTasks_sbar/Copy_To_Sys/#? to SYS: ALL

Now click with the right mouse button on the screen depth gadget to open
its context menu, go to "Modules" and select "Refresh". TopTasks should
now appear in the Screen title bar. If it does not appear open the context
menu again, and go to "Modules" again and select TopTasks from the
modules shown there.

Open the context menu of the screen depth gadget and select the "Settings ..." menu
item. Select TopTasks from the list in the window that just opened to configure this

V1.2 (26.12.2018)
- Added a context menu to entries in the PopWindow Top10 list to break-C/D/E/F/ALL the selected task or to set its priority.
- Enabled zebra mode (stripes) for task list.
- Label was overwritten if text was centered or right aligned. Fixed.
- The Linefeed sneaked back in and got eliminated again (this time for good!). Thanks to jPV :-)
- Tasknames were truncated to the size in prefs. This of course only works well for fixed fonts. Removed truncation.
- Catalogs were copied to just locale:[language] and not locale:catalogs/. Fixed. You may want to delete the wrongly copied catalogs.
- Added french translation by Philippe 'OffseT' Rimauro.
- Prefs image/object handling was wrong and could lead to crashes. Fixed.

V1.1 (30.11.2018)
- There was a linefeed displayed at the end of the toptask text. I don't know who put it there but it's been removed now. (jPV)
- The label now gets properly scaled down respecting configured top/bottom spacing. (jPV)

V1.0 (26.11.2018)
- Initial release

Thanks to:
- Leif Salomonsson for ECX :-)

- MorphOS-Team for MorphOS :-)

- Philippe 'OffseT' Rimauro for the french translation.

-- #amigazeux

Upload Date:Dec 28 2018
Size:60 KB
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