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Description:Create anaglyphs for r/b glasses
Developer/Porter:Pedro Gil Guirado
Short: Create anaglyphs for r/b glasses
Author: balrogsoft@gmail.com (Pedro Gil Guirado)
Uploader: balrogsoft gmail com (Pedro Gil Guirado)
Type: gfx/conv
Version: 0.2
Architecture: ppc-morphos

Anaglyph 3D by Pedro Gil Guirado (Balrog Software)

Anaglyph 3D lets you create anaglyphs for red/blue glasses.

The usage of this tool is very simple. Just load left and
right images, click on "Create Anaglyph" and save the result
image. Output image is saved in jpeg format by default, you
can choose another format with "Output format...", a pop up
window will show all output formats.

Changes in this version:

Added german catalog, thanks to Stefan Haubenthal.
Aspect ratio corrected on preview images.

Please send any bug or suggestion to:

balrogsoft at gmail.com

Upload Date:Jan 28 2020
Size:605 KB
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