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Description:Modernized clone of the game "Dune II". Port special edition MOS by BeWorld
MorphOS Version 0.96.5b (BETA)

This version is base on last version
(61e02c last commit on sourceforge 2017-02-12) of DuneLegacy 0.96.4.

MOS Edition has no HD Graphics, no multiplayer and use SDL 1 libraries.

see changelog

- Add more french translate
- fix path to work with MorphOS
- compiling with GCC 5.3.0
- all maps available in this archive.

Copy all PAK from dune II (pc version) to data/

knows bug :
- War Fog... very slow :(

French // Fran�ais :
Cette version est une fusion de la version 0.96.3 SDL1 et la toute derni�re version en cours de d�veloppement.
Il n'y a pas le multi-joueurs, ni de carte HD et utilise encore la technologie SDL 1 (PowerSDL).

Lisez le fichier Readme pour voir les nouveaut�es de cette version sp�ciale MorphOS.

Contact : beworld at sfr.fr

ChangeLog Special MOS Edition SDL1

version 0.96.5b MOS Edition
* Air unit limit increases with (ground) unit limit
* Bugfix (Bug #77) Window moves to primary screen on resolution change (Reported by Urs Enke)
* Bugfix (Bug #81) Wrong "Built Object" stats (Reported by Urs Enke)
* Bugfix (Bug #82) Deviator effectlessly targets Sandworms (Reported by Urs Enke)
* Bugfix (Bug #83) Crash when trying to change options and no language is selected (Reported by Petr Holik)
* New AI Smart Bot and Quant Bot
* Maximum number of units per house (either map dependent or as a new game option "override maximum number of units")
* Units entering refineries or repair yards are now moving onto the structure tile before disappearing
* New key bindings: Cycle through construction yards with 'H' and factories with 'F'
* Improve performance of Fog of War
* Units can now be instructed to find the next repair yard on their own
* Save game speed, scroll speed and sound volume as game settings
* In campaign mode, the map choice screen remembers the region of a failed mission (the user has to select a different region)
* New game option "Manual Carryall Drops"
* Mentat's eyes are following the cursor
* Clicking on mentat's eyes makes him blink and clicking on mentat's mouth makes him open it
* Store complete map in save games (and replays) of single player custom games
* 18 new maps by heinrich arkonnen
* 4 new maps by Kuffar
* Bugfix (Bug #32): Repaired units getting removed from control group (Reported by Chan Kun Wa)
* Bugfix (Bug #36): AI non-hostile and inactive (Reported by Chan Kun Wa)
* Bugfix (Bug #40): Bullets from gun turrets hit own building, e.g. other turrets (Reported by Dream Worker)
* Bugfix (Bug #50): Changing the player's name while playing a mission makes starting the next mission or restarting the current mission crash
* Bugfix (Bug #53): SFX mismatch when playing Harkonnen
* Bugfix (Bug #62): Worms spawn under rock (Reported by heinrich arkonnen)
* Bugfix (Bug #70): Changing the player name makes replays crash
* Bugfix (Bug #71): Ornithopter animation is too fast (Thanks to Kartones for the patch)
* Bugfix (Bug 3610246): Mentat help used wrong houses (Reported by kuffar)

Upload Date:Mar 09 2017
Size:3 MB
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