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Description:Arexx script for ShowCase to convert pictures using ShowCase as a host, therefore is fast and reliable.
Developer/Porter:Zbigniew Kopec
ShowCRexx 0.9

This archive contains arexx script for ShowCase by Michal 'kiero' Wozniak. It is simple batch converter, gives you possibility
to convert pictures using ShowCase as a host, therefore is fast and reliable.

Drag and drop pictures into the main window, mark them and press 'Start' button.
To change the dimension of the one image, just double click on the chosen position.

There are few functions in the bottom part of the window:

- the cycle gadget (Sliders(%)), lets you choose the scaling method,
- 'Start' and 'Remove' buttons,
- slider and string gadgets to enter adequate parameters for scaling,
- few gadgets to change format (JPG/IFF), quality and image manipulation functions too,
- two popasl gadgets - destination (RAM:) and the one describes a location of the ShowGirls program in your system.

- MorphOS :)
- ShowCase
- RGetSize


- disable the "Settings/General/'Correct image orientation'" gadget. It costs trouble if the picture
posses orientation flag.
- do not forget to copy the RGetSize into the c:

|I am thankful to Grzegorz 'krashan' Kraszewski for the RGetSize.|

Zbigniew Kopec
e-mail: zbysiuk2@o2.pl

This program is freely distributable, but copyrighted by me.You can copy it freely if you do not ask for any money.

Upload Date:Nov 01 2020
Size:7 KB
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