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Description:All Libraries SDL 2.0.14 with all SDK files for MorphOS.
Developer:Itix, BeWorld and BSzili
SDL2 Libraries 2.0.14 Package for MorphOS system.

SDL2.LIBRARY 53.3 20.04.2021 based on SDL 2.0.14
SDL2_IMAGE.LIBRARY 53.2 20.04.2021 based on SDL2_IMAGE 2.0.6 WIP
SDL2_MIXER.LIBRARY 53.3 20.04.2021 based on SDL2_MIXER 2.0.4 WIP
SDL2_GFX.LIBRARY 53.1 20.04.2021 based on SDL2_GFX 1.0.4.
SDL2_TTF.LIBRARY 53.2 20.04.2021 based on SDL2_TTF 2.0.15 WIP
SDL2_NET.LIBRARY 53.1 20.04.2021 based on SDL2_NET 2.0.1 WIP


Just click on Install.

SDL2 Features:

- WARNING : it's recommanded to have 64/128 MB graphics video (if not, disable "enhanced display" and reduze display size of your Ambient)
- Window OpenGL support ! (Use by ScummVM, prBoom-plus, Doom3, OpenBOR, Hurricane... ports for example)
- Joystick support with sensors.library - Better use Xbox360 controller compatible

SDL2 Readme:

- SDL_GetBasePath : return "PROGDIR:" (not return a full absolute path with path separator (/) at end)
- SDL_CreateRenderer = use SDL_RENDERER_SOFTWARE to force software renderer if SDL_RENDERER_ACCELERATED doesnt work.

GameController Readme :

You can create your own mapping file for joystick (gamecontrollerdb.txt) : check directory controllermap
Specific to MorphOS, you can put this file in your ENVARC. All game could use it ! no need to put this file in game directory.

A MorphOS community sourced database of game controller mappings to be used with SDL2 Game Controller functionality
is avaiblable here : https://github.com/BeWorld2018/gamecontrollerdb.txt
Do not hesitate to participate and send me your result to complete the database. Thanks !

- Implemented Jacadcaps gamepadlib - (Thanks to Jacadcaps to write gamepadlib/sensors lib)
- Fix tinygl.library and drivers ATI to fix broken transparency


- SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom is buggy - function with more 9 parameters... stub problem
- SDL_CreateRenderer with SDL_RENDERER_ACCELERATED is broken if you use SDL_BLENDMODE
Tranparency with OpenGL renderer doesnt working, you need to use SDL_RENDERER_SOFTWARE.

SDL2 : use to signal a new bugs : https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL/issues


Thanks to Ilkka Lehtoranta for his sources code (SDL2 2.0.3 and SDL2_image 2.0.0).
Thanks to Szilard Biro (BSzili) for his help and his big contribution.
Thanks to MorphOS Teams for the help and MorphOS ;-).

Thanks to all testers and developers (for libs and contributes)

SDL2 sources are available on my github :

SDL2_image sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_image
SDL2_mixer sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_mixer
SDL2_gfx sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_gfx
SDL2_net sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_net
SDL2_ttf sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_ttf

Feel free to contribute.

Upload Date:Apr 20 2021
Size:17 MB
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