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Description:Tile-based puzzle game similar to Shisen-sho
Developer/Porter:Fabrizio Bartoloni
Short: Tile-based puzzle game similar to Shisen-sho
Author: kframp@users.sourceforge.net (Keith Frampton), Morphos port by Fabrizio "Lanch" Bartoloni
Uploader: lanch tiscali it (Fabrizio Bartoloni)
Type: game/think
Version: 1.1.0
Requires: PowerSDL library
Architecture: ppc-morphos

README for Twin Distress

Twin Distress 1.1.0
(c) 2003-04 Keith Frampton
Licensed under the GNU General Public License

How to Play the Game

The object of the game is to remove all of the blocks from the screen before
the time runs out. Two blocks are removed at a time, and must be of the same
color. After completing a level, you will be rewarded with a bonus point for
every tick left on the clock. For each level thereafter, the time to complete
the the level will be shorter.

Shortcut Keys Used During the Game

b - change the block set
c - change the corner style of the blocks
f, F4 - toggle between full screen/window mode (can be used anywhere)
h, F1 - display the help screen
m - turn background music on/off (can be used anywhere)
n, F2 - start a new game (highscores won't be saved ending a game this way)
p, Pause, F3 - pause/unpause the game
q, Esc - quit the game
s - turn sound effects on/off (can be used anywhere)
0 - 9 - toggle the L & R colors on Insane mode (can be used anywhere)

Moving in the Menu

To move in the menu, you have several options besides highlighting with the
mouse and clicking the menu/option with the left mouse button.

moving up - Up arrow, TAB key or the mouse wheel
moving down - Down arrow, Shift-TAB or the mouse wheel
choosing a menu/option - Enter or middle mouse button
changing options - left or right arrow keys
exit a menu/sub-menu - Esc key or right mouse button

Skill Levels

Kids - Match two blocks of the same color. Where they are doesn't matter.

Easy - The path used to connect the blocks can only be up, down, left or right
(no moving diagonally). As well, you can't go through other blocks to
get to the one you are looking for. The path can turn a maximum of
three times in this skill. Examples are shown in the help in the game.

Normal - This is the standard mode of play. Same rules as Easy, except a path
can only take two turns to get to the other block.

Hard - Same rules as Normal, except that when you choose two blocks that
can't be removed, you will lose a point from your score & one tick of
time from the clock. Two blocks already eliminated will also be put back
on the screen. If no blocks have been removed yet, you will lose three
points and three ticks on the clock. As well, if you click on a location
where a block has been removed, and you currently have a block
highlighted, it is considered a wrong move.

Very Hard - Same rules as Hard, except the blocks will randomize in color
several times throughout the game.

Insane - Same rules as Very Hard, except you must now use both the left & right
mouse buttons to remove blocks. The blocks will have an L or an R. It
isn't necessary to match two L blocks or two R blocks. All that
matters is that you must hit the block with the correct mouse button.

Bonus Scoring

In addition to receiving a point for every tick left on the clock at the end of
a level, there are also two other ways to receive bonus scoring.

If you remove sets of the same color in a row, you will receive bonus points.
For the first two sets, you get 5 points. The third set will get you 10 points,
the fourth will be 15 points & all five sets will be 25 points. If you do the
same thing again with another set of five, the points will be the same as
above, plus an extra 10 points. The third set of five will get you 20 points &
so on. Up to 1000 points can be received for clearing the whole level this way.
Making a wrong move won't erase your bonus, but your chain will be broken.

If you don't make any wrong moves during the level, you will receive 50 points.
Do it again for the next level & you will get 60 points. It will keep
increasing by 10 points for every level & will be reset if you make a wrong
at any point in a level.

Other Options

There are two unique modes of game play for the game. You can choose to have
the gravity either off or on. When two blocks are removed from the screen with
gravity on, all the blocks above them will fall into the empty spot. Blocks
won't move at all when this is turned off.

When pausing the game, you can have it minimize the game by changing it in the
Options menu.

By default, the menu system & screen changes will have a fading effect. If you
don't like the option or it doesn't work, it can be turned off in the Options

Tips & Notes

For Hard, Very Hard and Insane; if you highlight a block and realize that a
move can't be made; you can un-highlight the block and you will not be
penalized in any way.

It is possible to have a game that can't be finished.

Even though there is plenty of time in the beginning levels to complete it, you
are better off trying to finish it as quickly as possible to obtain a higher
score with the bonus points.

If you have any ideas for new features for the game, let me know & I'll see if
it can be added. Several new ideas came from players like you. You'll be given
credit for ideas implemented on the last page of the help screen.

Upload Date:Mar 24 2020
Size:2 MB
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