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Description:A MorphOS native port of Marat Fayzullin's ColEm Colecovision emulator.
Developer/Porter:Paul Hill and Bob Wicksall
Short: ColEm Amiga MOS - Coleco Vision Emulator
Author: rwicksall@rochester.rr.com (Bob Wicksall)
Uploader: rwicksall rochester rr com (Bob Wicksall)
Type: misc/emu
Version: 1.0rel7
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 2.7
Distribution: Aminet

ColEm 1.0 Release 7

This is a MorphOS native port of Marat Fayzullin's ColEm Colecovision emulator.

This version is based on the classic Amiga port by Paul Hill.

The OS4/MorphOS version is currently being maintained by Bob Wicksall (rwicksall@rochester.rr.com) (www.e5i5o.com)

This archive contains no game roms and please don't ask me where to get them from. I have original carts for all games shown in demo screen shots.

To run the emulator:

colem yourgame.rom -sound -fullscreen


Use CVLaunch (Drop ROM files in the Rom folder)

"colem -help" will give you the command line options


Release History:

19-Feb-2011 (release 7)
- Merged ColEm 2.6 core emulation updates.
- Improved game compatability.
- Full Screen now scales automatically
- "-scale x" Now scales to any size where 'x' is the multiplier
- Added SuperAction spinner emulation via the mouse "-spin1x"
- Do not turn on spinner emulation unless a game needs it. Some games will crash.
- Better detection of game roms and faster start time.
- Caps Lock now properly toggles joystick 1 and 2
- Merged MorphOS and OS4 sources. CVLaunch is now MUI on both platforms.
- Launcher now remembers last used settings

22-Jan-2011 (release 6)
- Ported to MorphOS
- Fixed some memory leaks
- Fixed a bug where multiple instances would crash when closing one.

19-Jan-2008 (release 5)
This release is a bit of an odd one. Marat has been very active lately updating Colem and is now up to version 2.X on multiple platforms. His latest version really has a lot of cool features and compatability improvements.

My problem is I'm not ready to take the leap into things like network code so I've backported some of his improvements into my 1.0 source. At the same time I've implemented some features of my own. A 2.X port may follow at some point but for now I'm sticking with my existing source.

- Much improved sound. Still not perfect but more accurate.
- Improved game compatability
- Switched to p96WritePixelArray so colors are correct now.
- "-double" parameter to double screen size
- "-scanlines" parameter to emulate scan lines

21-Jun-2006 (release 4)
- Got the release numbers under control
- Full screen support (-fullscreen)
- CVLaunch: new GUI launcher. Just drop ROMS in roms folder and run CVLaunch

known bugs:
- Can have difficulty allocating pens in windowed mode
- Sound is still limited
- General compatability is good but not perfect

18-Oct-2005 (release 3)
- Added first pass at sound using Audio.device
- Changed some defaults (UPeriod = 1; Verbose = 0)

27-Aug-2005 (release 2)
- Display "Turn Game Off" screen when no Cart inserted
- A couple very minor bug fixes

26-Aug-2005 (release 1)
- First public release
- No sound in this version
- Added Pause feature (Pause/Break key on US keyboards)

Upload Date:Dec 18 2016
Size:664 KB
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