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Description:Lariad a space adventure is an free exploration based action/adventure game. Port by BeWorld

- add "Francais" in lua files
- traduction fran�aise ajout� par Moi m�me
- fix save game
- fix full screen in 800x600
- add icon
- convert all f**** ogg files to wav... no glishes


What's new in 1.0.4:

*) do not to use transition FX if framebuffer object is not supported;
*) fix pyramid entrance blackness sprite;
*) fix waterfall elevator shaft sprite;

What's new in 1.0.3:

*) fix video mode setup (dedicated to feillyne@moddb.com);

What's new in 1.0.2:

*) fix gamepad bug;
*) fix final boss safe spots;
*) add possibility to skip saving sequnece;
*) add Edvard Grieg "Morning" as intro music;
*) fix grunt sound disappearing (dedicated to rupek1995);

What's new in 1.0.1:

*) snow leopard port;
*) optimize fireballs;
*) fix linking on arch linux;

What's new in 1.0:

*) add sound to menu navigation;
*) add crushing sound when bosses die;
*) put checkpoint near spider boss (in easy mode);
*) put health dispenser in waterfall level (in easy mode);
*) fix camera movement when player stands on waterfall platform;
*) charlie tells lots of stuff about affairs in Rock world;
*) gisaku tells about possible location of the birds;
*) fix diesel engine switch-off notification sticking;
*) fix disappearing sound problem;
*) rename difficulty levels;

What's new in 0.9:

*) fix wasp boss safe spot;
*) fix last boss safe spot;
*) fix spider boss safe spot;
*) fix ducking in midair glitch;

What's new in 0.8:

*) fix waterfall platform depth;
*) add mario style jumping sprite;
*) save death state of lesser mobs;
*) add nice icon to application .exe file;
*) fix mouse cursor stucking while alt-tabing in windows;
*) remove mouse cursor stucking on windows/macosx;
(dedicated to Grunnt@forums.indiegamer.com)

What's new in 0.7:

*) tutorial messages can be repeated;
*) remove traveling hints in hard mode;
*) add tutorial hint that player can shoot upwards;
*) fix some memory leaks that caused industrial fireball row lag
(dedicated to austere@forums.gamedev.lv);

What's new in 0.6:

*) increase jump distance;
*) smallest ponds are non-lethal;
*) fix industrial tram initial positions;
*) remove rightmost swamp spider (in easy mode);
*) remove second seed spitting plant (in easy mode);
*) put checkpoint to the right of wasp queen (in easy mode);
*) restored final destination marker on navigation console;
*) reverse reed hut so that player faces right after waking up;
(dedicated to Pallav Nawani@forums.indiegamer.com);
*) preload sounds to avoid lags (dedicated to krauklis@forums.gamedev.lv);
*) squeeze swamp moss and waterfall grass when player steps on it;
*) remove training stage; put tutorials in-game
(dedicated to me_36@forums.indiegamer.com);

What's new in 0.5:

*) removed engineering bay (because it is useless);
*) put cargo hold with save-point near spaceship exit;
*) slow down swamp parallax (dedicated to moi@forums.tigsource.com);
*) disable traveling to industrial, rock and forest worlds without gun;
*) added gamepad/joystick support (dedicated to container_2000@reddit.com);
*) added "easy" difficulty level, player starts game with 3 lives;
*) added control configuration menu;
*) added small intro sequence;
*) added toolbox sound;

What's new in 0.4:

*) fix quitting crash/hang (dedicated to container_2000@reddit.com);

What's new in 0.3:

*) if save game is absent, then give option to restart game, after dying;
*) launch button - hopefully this will make traveling less ambiguous;
*) show long travel cutscene only first time player is traveling;
*) paint AYBABTU message on swamp message board;
*) small tutorial that introduces game controls;
*) fix waterfall drops flying sideways;
*) raise swamp pond stumps higher;
*) engrish translation;
*) language switcher;

What's new in 0.2:

*) use -w flag to switch to windowed mode;
*) fix crash when using spaceship console;

What's new in 0.1:

*) everything;

Upload Date:Apr 01 2018
Size:78 MB
Last Comments
24 Jan 2023
le jeu qui plante au niveau Kheops pour moi.
j'ai recuperer le fichier image et config.lua et eapi.lua et setup.lua de lariad os4 et ca a l'air correct
14 Jun 2021
le jeu bug au niveau 3 ou4 quand il faut eliminer plusieurs araignées ou alors c'est sdl2